Weekly Round Up: July 5

Fourth of July fireworks (At Disney Again)Happy July!

Dan & I had such a nice long weekend, hanging out with my family on Long Island. Swimming, mixed drinks and playing with the kids … it was a perfect summer weekend. šŸ™‚

Nothing huge to report this week, unless you count the huge eye roll I did when I read about Disney’s new $65 pay-to-play pin trading game. Weird AF.

Although I am really excited about the new Coke store at Disney Springs. I love World of Coke in Georgia, and if this is even a quarter as awesome, I am going to be in heaven. You better believe it’s on my to-do list.

What are you up to? And what Disney news has you interested?

One Little Spark of Inspiration
OnĀ Disney Nouns, Lee looks at a new book about Disney’s dragons.

Enjoy an ode to Disney character eyebrowsĀ on Oh My Disney.

Ryan, the editor ofĀ Main Street Gazette, reveals a real piece of American history hidden in plain sight at Magic Kingdom.

On theĀ New York Times Well Blog, a new study shows quantifiable evidence of how the “princessification” of society actually impacts behavior in kids. I definitely, definitely don’t agree with the conclusion (that it’s good for boys but not for girls), but it’s an interesting read.

Feast your eyes on the new food offerings in the Frozen Pavilion (let’s be honest …)Ā on Disney Food Blog.

Becky, who just wants to put a littleĀ Disney In Your Day, taste-tested a new burger at Disney Springs.

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!

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