Weekly Round Up: July 31

Mary Poppins descend on London (AP photo)
Mary Poppinses descend on London (AP photo)

How completely Disney-riffic was the Olympics Opening Ceremony?? In addition to Mary Poppins taking down He Who Must Not Be Named, we also spotted Wall-E and Lady & The Tramp during the “Frankie and June” segment. Did you see any other Disney call-outs?

In unrelated news, can you believe that some unmagical jerkface already keyed the Cars at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort?!?! What a Scrooge McDuck!!

Tomorrow marks the first day of August … and the first day of our tribute to Disney at night! In addition to two pieces on our Happy Place in the dark, guest blogger Jennifer is also going to take us on a tour of Disney California Adventure’s new Buena Vista Street. Subscribe to receive our posts in your inbox or your e-reader so you don’t miss a thing! 

What’s your favorite thing about Disney at night? Don’t forget: if you’re interested in contributing, e-mail Melissa@MouseontheMind.com.

Us … Elsewhere
I wrote two guest posts this week: tackling Pop Century Resort breakfast for Disney Food Blog and my favorite “underrated” Disney film on This Happy Place Blog.

Tracy wrote about Land’s End, another entry into her growing opus about San Fran’s green spaces. She also reflected on road trips as her year of traveling comes to a close.

Our Favorites This Week
Hello, Croissant Berry Bread Pudding. I plan to eat you. And then send Ryan at Main Street Gazette a thank you card for revealing this secret treat.

Richard has created another shirt that I need to own. Based on WED Transportation System’s early 1980s branding, his latest design is on display (but sadly not for sale) at Designerland 71.

Estelle from This Happy Place Blog revealed photos of her plush-stuffed childhood bedroom.

The Disney Hipsters spied some Disney swag at Space Farms, including an amazing old-style Jiminy Cricket.

I love this piece about dealing with teens at Disney written by the Mini Diva. I’m taking two 18-year-olds in January, and this was enormously helpful.

The Canadian Diva wrote about the beautiful DiVine at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Spins the World enjoyed dinner at the Territory Lounge in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. They also prepared Le Cellier’s mushroom filet at home!

And, though it’s not Disney related, DJ wrote about San Francisco’s Pier 39 this week on World of Deej, and Tracy and I both love it there!

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!