Weekly Round Up: July 10

We are beyond absolutely, ridiculously excited about Oz the Great and Powerful. The 1939 classic Wizard of Oz was Melissa Sue’s favorite movie as a kid. She used to carry a stuffed dog around in a basket, people, and her imaginary friend was named Scarecrow!

Personal (and possibly creepy) obsessions aside, this new adaptation looks like it’s going to be ah-mazing. If you haven’t read the synposis (or seen the incredible art work), head over to The Disney Blog immediately.

Alice in Wonderland (Mouse on the Mind)

Speaking of classics, we’d be remiss if we didn’t say Happy 150th Birthday to our girl Alice! That’s 15 decades of falling down that damn rabbit hole, going among mad people and childishly pouting her way into our hearts.

From literary nonsense and the 13th Disney animated classic to a mind-whirling tea cup and a frightening Johnny Depp vehicle, Alice and her pals have left an indelible mark on Disney fans every where.

We’re painting the tulips red for you, my dear.

How are you celebrating Alice? 

Us … Elsewhere
Tracy wrote about green spaces in San Francisco.

Melissa contributed to the popular Muppet Monday series.

Congratulations to bestie of the site, Estelle Hallick, who is celebrating her one year blogiversary! In honor of this mouse-mentous occasion, she is hosting a completely kickass giveaway. Head over to This Happy Place Blog to check it out.

Our Favorites This Week
Ever wonder what it’s like to work in the Magic KingdomBusiness Insider published the transcript of a Reddit conversation with a man who does just that.

If you’re following us on Facebook (why not?!), you’ve seen our girl Morgan‘s designs before. But these plushies are really something special.

Shane of Parkeology had us rolling once again. This week, he shared some (literal) nuggets of theme park wisdom.

LearnVest posted a great Disney-princess inspired quiz. In 11 questions, it tells you your financial IQ cartoon twin! Amazing, right? (Melissa Sue is Tiana because they both set their sights on a dream, figure out what’s needed to achieve it, and get going.)

Are you an Epcot nerd? Do you love Figment? Are you one little spark away from breaking into Imagination at any moment? Check out these awesome covers created by Adam and Andrew on Disney Hipster Blog.

AJ broke the news of new Disney-inspired air fresheners on Disney Food Blog. Oh, yum! Can we request the scent of Main Street Bakery? And maybe the smell of Pirates of the Caribbean?

Mike wrote about the most relaxing non-ride in Disney World on My Dreams of Disney. Can’t wait to hop on board!

Topless Robot tells the story of an Avatar-themed nightclub that just sounds creepy and weird. For the love of Pluto, please don’t let Avatarland be this creepy!!

We both use PCs, but this week, we saw something on Mickey Fix that made us wish we were Apple folk.

And even though we linked them above, head to This Happy Place Blog to read Estelle’s account of a magical IllumiNations Cruise. Now we want to go on one!!

Chris wrote about Disney Transportation this week on Mice Chat.

Want to be a Disney animator? Co.Create has a great interview with Bill Plympton. Not only are his toons awesome, but his ideas about creating and animation can be applied to just about any creative field.

And it’s not Disney, but we have to give friend of the site Becky a shout out: she wrote about Dollywood for the Examiner. Sounds like fun! Maybe that’ll be our next non-Disney stop …


What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!

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