Weekly Round Up: January 24

A DeVine Roundup

Another week bites the dust here at Mouse on the Mind. We’re gearing up for our big Leap Day Live Blog. So far we have several participants, but we are absolutely still looking for more contributors. If you or someone you know will be in a Disney Park on February 29, please sign up to be part of the Live Blog.

This Friday, we’ll also be kicking off a new Facebook contest. Want to win some awesome Passporter swag and have some fun with other Disney fans? Head on over to Facebook and “like” Mouse on the Mind for your chance to win!

Mouse on the Mind Around the Web
Welcome to all of our friends visiting from Chip and Co.! This week, Melissa Sue contributed a post about her index card planning system with Chip’s readers.

Melissa Sue also wrote a review of Boatwright’s Dining Hall on Disney Food Blog. And several of Melissa Sue’s photos from Hollywood Studios appear in this week’s The Darkroom column on Studio’s Central. 

As she packed for her upcoming cruise to the Caribbean, Tracy was thinking about how to maintain her new exercise routine while traveling. She also revised her “Why I Travel” manifesto  (spoiler alert: she refers to Melissa Sue as a “souvenir,” and Melissa’s not sure how she feels about it.)

Our Favorites This Week
On  Progress City, U.S.A., Michael waxes poetic about everyone’s favorite nerdgasm-inducing phenomenon: crossovers. He highlights one, in particular, that our Whovian readers are going to love! Ain’t no party like a Timelord party …

Amy at Disney Living posted an absolutely adorable  set of new lyrics to “My Favorite Things.” Thank you for sharing, and we hope DisKid #1 is feeling better.

On Your Highway in the Sky, Wendy shares her favorite Disney snacks from each park! Is it lunchtime yet?

Disney Hipster Blog reveals what Walt Disney’s Imagineers intended Mickey Mouse’s personality to be. Here’s a hint: Mickey is Not a Clown.

Ryan at Main Street Gazette has done it again! This week, he’s put together a beautiful photoset of stained glass windows in the Boardwalk’s Attic.

Susan from Dining with the Mouse shares a recipe and tutorial for making Liberty Tree Tavern pot roast, one of Melissa Sue’s favorite lunches in Disney World. Now, if only we can figure out how to get someone to make this for us …

Jeff shares some of the “credits” along Main Street in Disney World on his column, The 626 on Mice Chat. If you haven’t read Windows on Main Street, all of this will be new (and hopefully fascinating).

OC Weekly’s Mexi Meals blog presented–and then answered–a fascinating question: Were Doritos Invented at Disneyland? The answer surprised us, for sure! Can’t wait to read the rest of Gustavo Arellano’s forthcoming book!

MovieFone offers an interesting list of virtues (and flaws) for each Disney Princess. We’re not sure we agree with their assessments, and a lot of the “virtues” read like plot summaries … but it did make us think!

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