Weekly Round Up: February 7

Rise and shine with these guys. Learn how below.

Tracy is finally back from her most recent trip and is currently basking in the warm glow of Internet connectivity.  She lived totally “unplugged” for an entire week–and only semi-plugged for an additional four days.  It was rough.

But now that she’s back, she has the Mouse on her mind more than ever, as our girls-only WDW trip is quickly approaching! We hope to return from our trip with lots of original new content as well as a during-trip Leap Day live blogging event!

Until then, why don’t you head over to our Facebook page to enter our first-ever contest?

Our Favorites This Week
The indomitable Lindsay DuBose, of Disney Tour Reviews, wrote a great review of the Sunrise Safari Tour for Touring Plans.

Check out Adam’s awesome photos of Main Street USA cast members over on the Disney Photography Blog.  Great shots, Adam!

The Disney Hipsters posted another great review of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. We can’t wait to give this game a go at the end of the month!

WDW Dad John reveled his plans for 24 hours in Disney on The Social Mouse. We’ll be calling him at 4 a.m. … will you?

Disney Food Blog revealed a Contemporary Resort beer tasting, taking place each Saturday. Melissa Sue and Rob took part in December 2010 and wrote about it in their trip report.