Weekly Round Up: February 10

Heigh-ho, Mouse friends.

I write this to you Monday night, only recently emerged from bed after about 40 hours of going against a stomach flu. Hooray!

Today’s photo is James Cameron, Tom Staggs and Joe Rhode looking at a model of Avatarland back in fall 2014. Joe’s facial expression says it all for me.


In happier news, I hope you’ve wished Estelle from This Happy Place Blog a very Happy 30th Birthday! In honor of her three decades, she’s giving away a gift pack, and you still have some time to win. And even if you don’t enter, you can still join in on a game of Kill Refurb Marry with the birthday girl and me tomorrow. The topic is Disney Sidekicks.

I also (finally) watched the finale of Galavant the other day, and I have to admit that I was disappointed. First, because the last episode seemed a little rushed. And second, because I could find no news about whether or not the show had been slated for a second season. You have to admit, the team took a really ballsy risk, leaving us with an unresolved story and a pretty nightmarish cliffhanger for one character specifically (no spoilers). I hope it pays off and we get another season. Or at least another hour-long block to resolve the story.

What are you up to?

One Little Spark of Inspiration
Leah, who runs The Magical World Of …, experienced the Parks in a slow, relaxing way. So glad I inspired you!

Derek put together a pretty spot-on Top 6 List for Touring Plans Blog.

Sarah , who’s Eating WDW, had what looks like an amazing lunch at Sanna.

The Boys recount their whirlwind 10 hours in Walt Disney World on Disney Hipster Blog.

Kristen, who’s living Sparkly Ever After, offers a peek at a Royal Room at Port Orleans Riverside.

Emma’s got the inside scoop on some pastries I am clearly going to have to try aboard the Disney Dream on A Pinch of Pixie Dust.

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!

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