Weekly Round Up: December 9

Tower of Terror Keychain (Mouse on the Mind)I recently had the weirdest Disney exchange. Long story short: I had to go to the store and make an arbitrary purchase so I could get some cash back.

I bought some body wash and an iced tea and got my cash back, and as I put my money away, the cashier asked about my key chain: “What hotels still use key chains like that,” he asked. The Tower of Terror Hotel, I told him. Duh.

I didn’t think it was an invitation, but he did. And he launched into an excited story about how much he loves that ride (and Disney World in general), and then he asked the question: “What’s your favorite Disney character?” What is a lady supposed to say to that? On the spot? In the middle of a RiteAid? I told him it was a loaded question and asked if he had an answer at the ready. And he proceeded to do a pretty spot-on impersonation of Stitch. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is when I knew I had to leave. Quickly. And never return to that Rite Aid again.

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Are you gonna play?

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