Weekly Round Up: December 11

Dale Claus We’re halfway through December! I can hardly believe it. Actually, I can’t believe it at all!

Is anyone else totally behind schedule and freaking out?! I’m sure I’m not alone … so let’s get to the links!

Us … Elsewhere
Tracy recommends a visit to Virginia on Suitcase Scholar.

I contributed some exciting news on Main Street Gazette‘s World News Roundtable.

Our Favorites This Week
Students in New Zealand build an audio-anamatronic Luxo for a class project. Read about it on Hack a Day.

James munches his way through a Disney wedding tasting for Disney Food Blog.

Amy from Disney Living poses for the camera with Disney PhotoPass Plus.

Shane from Parkeology brings the lulz with the story of Disney’s own Crash Test Dummy.

Kristen from WDW for Grownups gets fitted for the Haunted Mansion Bride’s ring.

Rich from Mouse Troop visits Disneyland’s Paradise Pier at night.

Estelle from This Happy Place Blog settles in for some Disney holiday classics.

Kelly from The Affordable Mouse Blog experiences the Landscape of Flavors at Art of Animation.

The folks at Spins the World get inked at Disney Parks.

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!

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