Weekly Round Up: August 14

Cinderella Castle from Tomorrowland (Mouse on the Mind)
Cinderella Castle from atop Rockettower Plaza.

I’m getting more and more excited every second for my upcoming trip. Just about 24 days to go until my second anniversary trip!! If there’s anything new (or not so new) that you’d like to learn more about in the World, leave a comment below.

Leaning forward a bit further, I also booked my Food and Wine Festival seminars and demos this weekend. And I downloaded the Disney Food Blog Mini-Guide to the 2012 Food and Wine Festival. It’s been pretty exciting in my house.

Our month-long tribute to Disney at night is still going strong! This week, we’re bringing you some super cool features written by a Disney cruiser, a former Cast Member and a lucky blogger who’s seen Disney’s Animal Kingdom at night!

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What’s your favorite resort hotel to tour at night? Let us know in the comments!  

Us … Elsewhere
Tracy wrote her own addition to the “At Night” series about a sunset cruise in Cape Cod.

Our Favorites This Week
Ryan wrote an absolutely fabulous post about maintaining the character and integrity of Disney Parks on Main Street Gazette. It’s totally brilliant, and you need to read it.

George Taylor went digging for dinosaur details in Disney’s Animal Kingdom for his ImagiNerding column. I love this so much!!

Friend of the site and all around awesome dude Guy Selga wrote about the Walt Disney Archives at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Touring Plans.

Spins the World shared photos of celebs wearing mouse ears. See? They really are just like us!

On WDW for Grownups, Kristen revealed the secrets of The Writer’s Stop. Shhh!! Don’t spread it around.

Disney CEO Bob Iger talked with Business Week about the risks inherent in the Disney California Adventure project. Fascinating stuff!

Jeff continued Estelle’s EndEARing & Underrated series by taking a look at Bolt on This Happy Place Blog.

Rich introduced Instant Concert!…Just Add Water on Mouse Troop. He also added his voice to the Great Splash Mountain Debate. Which version is your favorite?

Running at Disney’s Sarah wrote about healthy alternatives at this year’s Food & Wine Festival.

Erin wrote a really cute post about caramel apples for Disney Food Blog. Have you ever recreated these at home?

The Disney Hipsters look at the tiki-tastic inspiration for Adventureland.

Love this Halloween-focused post on Best Friends Guide. I’d throw a swank party just to see you two dressed as the evil stepsisters!

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!