Weekly Round Up: August 23

NorwayHappy Tuesday!

And it certainly is … 24 hours after this post goes live, I’ll be well on my way to Disney World! It’s just a quick, three-day trip. But, boy, do I need it! I am so looking forward to experiencing some new things (Soarin, Frozen Ever After, Tiffins, DAK at night, Disney Springs and so on) and old faves (Spaceship Earth, Haunted Mansion and so on) … and of course, playing Pokemon on property!

The best-worst news this week? Fat-toed, frosted goatee-having Guy Fieri, the human embodiment of a mid-life crisis, is working on the new menu that’ll accompany the grand re-opening of Planet Hollywood ObservatoryI can’t wait to seeee itttt!! Donkey sauce all over ev’ry thing!!

Some quickie housekeeping things: No Round Up next week! I’m certain that I will be entirely too tired from the weekend’s adventures. Also, I am cutting back to five posts each week (down from six posts) throughout the month of September. This is temporary–I have two important family events this month, as well as my birthday and then we set sail on the Disney Magic in early October … so I am just taking a bit of extra not-blogging time. I’m also planning to shutter the site during the second week of October … but then it’ll probably be back to our regularly scheduled five-to-six-a-week program.

What are you up to? And what Disney news has you interested?

Every Sparkling Idea Can Lead To Even More
This week’s vintage link is a quickie all about my love for a certain Food & Wine dessert from 2012. Mmmm …

One Little Spark of Inspiration
On Disney In Your Day, Becky’s drinking out of the cutest mug this month.

Wanna dress for Disney? Mindy’s got the best primer ever on This Fairy Tale Life.

Ryan, editor of Main Street Gazette, shares a super nice memory from Disneyland.

The staff of The Disney Driven Life, has opinions about Frozen Ever After, and they’re letting us hear them!

Jenn loves Nescafe (sort of). Get the skinny on her fave sip on The Fairest Run of All.

Dustin, who writes about all things pop culture for Pajiba, convinced me to go see Pete’s Dragon with this review. (I actually, honestly, thought it was crap.)

On Plus The Magic, KJ visits Nomad Lounge in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.

I seriously can’t tell if Adam and Andrew enjoyed their meal on Disney Hipster Blog.

On Capturing Magical Memories, Mary has detailed instructions for making a BB8 tee-shirt.

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!

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