Weekly Round Up: August 16

petesdragon-eatingapplesHappy Tuesday. Or as happy as it can be… Dan’s getting ready to head home and visit with his family, which is always my least favorite part of the summer.

But as always, his trip will have a happy ending: We’re reuniting at Walt Disney World for three days before coming back home together. I’m still dreading the next few days apart, but it helps to know there’s some Mickey at the other end of this tunnel!

Also, consider this your warning if posts are a little sparse for the next couple of weeks. (Although it should be more or less fine … I’ve been working ahead in preparation for the trip!)

Fun Fact: I am angrily boycotting 2016’s Pete’s Dragon because it’s very likely a horrible piece of trash that couldn’t possibly live up to the 1977 version, which I grew up with and adore. But if for some reason you’re considering seeing it (and don’t want to just rent the original on Amazon because you have terrible taste), you can read reviews from Becky at Disney In Your Day, Mindy from This Fairy Tale Life or Maria on The Disney Driven Life (this is a good one). (And please don’t tell me that Nora would want everyone to make some room. Forget that. The original is a classic!)

What are you up to? And what Disney news has you interested?

Every Sparkling Idea Can Lead To Even More
This week’s vintage link is one of my all-time favorite Fashion Friday posts: Coca Roca! She dresses like a Disney villain, and it’s fab. you. lous.

One Little Spark of Inspiration
On Disney Nouns, Lee gives us a look at some Pixar sketches.

Becky offers the low down on EPCOT’s newest attractions on Disney In Your Day.

Mindy, who’s living This Fairy Tale Life, has part two of her Aulani honeymoon trip report!

On Rolling With The Magic, Melissa reviews some yummies in the Norway Pavilion.

Beth has everything you need to throw an over-the-top Peter Pan movie night on A Disney Mom’s Thoughts.

Nicole, who’s living life Sparkly Ever After, enjoyed a meal at Homecoming, a new restaurant at Disney Springs.

On Main Street Gazette, Ryan’s going for the sausage corn dog at Harambe Market.

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!