Weekly Round Up: April 24
Tracy and Melissa

Celebrate It

Celebrating Mouse on the Mind

Mouse on the Mind turns four months old this week.  This is our 18th Round Up post and our 90th overall blog post. Can you believe that?! Well, you can believe this: our next four months are going to start out strong …

On Wednesday, Tracy will share some more thoughts about the Keys to the Kingdom Tour. Melissa’s working on a post about the worst thing that can happen in Animal Kingdom. And we’ll have something absolutely delicious for your enjoyment as the week comes to a close. Make sure you follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss a single second.

And if all of that isn’t exciting enough, maybe you need a delicious coffee treat … which you’ll soon be able to order in WDW!

Us … Elsewhere
In nerdy travel news, Tracy wrote about America Eats Tavern as well as how blogging has changed her travel-style on  Suitcase Scholar.

In honor of Earth Day, Melissa’s photo of a recycling can at the Boardwalk Resort appeared on Magical Trash.

Last week, Melissa also wrote about her experiences at Six Flags New England, which created a bit of a stir in the Six Flags fan community. One blogger wrote a review of Melissa’s review, which you can read on SFNE Online. 

Our Favorites This Week
Touring Plans rolled out their new Optimized Touring Plans this week. We can’t wait to try them!

With the return of the Orange Bird in Magic Kingdom, Matt at Studios Central explores retired characters in his home park.

Hungry? Why wait for lunch when you’re waiting in line at the Jungle Cruise? George on Everything WDW takes a look at the tour menu.

Kristen from DVCMom wrote about her struggles preparing for–and paying for–her upcoming trip to Disneyland. We were floored by how much she was able to save!

Planning your next Disney vacation? Disney Mom Erin shares a  primer on room requests on Touring Plans Blog. 

Gorillas Don’t Blog shared an awesome picture of Tomorrowland in 1968. How fresh and clean and new the Peoplemover looks!

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6 Responses to Weekly Round Up: April 24

  1. Becky Becky says:

    The review of the Six Flags review is very interesting. I had some similar critiques/backlash back when I posted my article too. It’s funny because that review starts out by saying that you seemed to be expecting Six Flags to be like Disney, when I thought it was pretty clear you didn’t expect that at all! At least the article is respectful, but I don’t understand their main point that you shouldn’t compare Disney and Six Flags. Yes, they give different experiences, but they are also similar experiences in many ways and for people that might not have the money to do both, such a comparison is warranted. But I am glad that they treated your review in a civilized way and conceded to some of the major issues (like rude employees and line jumping).

    • Melissa Sue says:

      Their desire to engage with me was a little confusing. I was thinking about it … if I saw someone write something nasty about Disney, I’d just dismiss it.

      But for the most part, they were very nice about it, and I was glad for the conversation about theme parks. It’s changed the way I think about places like Six Flags a bit, for sure.

  2. Thank you so much for including me in your round up!

  3. chris says:

    Thank you for the link! Will return the favor.

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