Weekly Round Up: April 17

Magic Kingdom flag
The Mouse that started it all

It’s been an eventful few days! Hello and welcome to all of our new friends!

On Sunday, Melissa had an opportunity to visit Six Flags New England near Springfield, Mass., part of opening weekend. She’s planning to share her experiences on Wednesday … but, until then, what’s your favorite non-Disney amusement park?

Back in the Disney Universe, Tracy will be writing about Animal Kingdom Lodge. And it’s perfect timing–this week is Animal Kingdom Lodge celebrates its tenth birthday!

For those of you headed to the Parks sometime soon, Test Track is officially closed for a refurb until September. We’ve been talking about it on our Facebook timeline. Head on over and “like” us if you haven’t already!

Us … Elsewhere
If you’re not reading Tracy’s other blog, Suitcase Scholar, you missed a review of New Orleans’ Cafe du Monde and a review of City Segway Tour. And on Existential Midlife Twitch, Tracy wrote about her quest for a quiet job.

Last week, Melissa also wrote about a truly great quick service spot in Downtown Disney for Disney Food Blog. She also wrote a Thrifty Thursday column on The Affordable Mouse, and she would also still like it if you watch this video about trailblazing women in athletics. Seriously. Watch it.

Our Favorites This Week
Sarah, from Eating WDW, has some absolutely amazing photos of the recently refurbished Sunshine Tree Terrace. Sad that the salad wasn’t great, but … wow! Adventureland sure is looking good!

The Hipsters are spreading the Dinoland love! Catch it!

Crawford shared a super charming Magic Kingdom promotional video from the early 1980s on Progress City. How many jarring inaccuracies can you find?

On This Happy Place Blog, Mr. Estelle (who also goes by James, I hear) took a step back into the 1920s to enjoy a specialty dog at Casey’s Corner.

Ms. Estelle wrote about the amazing opportunity to see The Muppets in Carnegie Hall on This Happy Place Blog. Her post was so giddy, it made US excited!

Melissa is secretly obsessed with River Country. (Seriously. Can someone take her there so she’ll shut up about it?) So she really loved Frtiz’ Abandoned Disney post about the former waterpark on Imagineering Disney.

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