Weekly Round Up: April 10

Frontierland Goofy
Goofy in Frontierland

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend, full of family and fun … and candy. Anyone find any Diseny treats in their stocking? Someone at the Grand Floridian sure did: what a great Easter egg display!! Thanks to Bob at Pixie Vacations for posting those amazing photos.

We have a GREAT week for you here at Mouse on the Mind. Wednesday, we’ll be talking about our recent World Showcase Segway Tour. On Thursday, Melissa will share a Disney bedtime story, and we’ll round out the week with a new Thrifty Thursday tip.  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter so you don’t miss a single second!

Before you scroll down to this week’s round up, check this out: friend-of-the-site and Mouse on the Mind contest-winner Becky shared her review of Song of the South with us. Anyone else want to weigh in?? We’re at a loss because we’ve never seen it, but we love to hear from you.

We’are also pretty excited about this: rumor has it that work on DVC units at Fort Wilderness is moving forward once again. DVC execs: if you’re listening, we love love love Fort Wilderness. One of us just started saving toward some more points at the Fort.

Us … Elsewhere
Tracy’s been busy on the Suitcase Scholar, posting about the value of visiting a vacation destination more than once as well as her not-so-solo adventures.

We’re now into Week Two of Melissa not pulling her weight around here. Actually, she’s been insanely busy at work, and she’d be much obliged if you’d take a look at this video about trailblazing women in athletics. Seriously. Watch it.

Our Favorites This Week
Ryan, the man behind The Main Street Gazette, told us about a unique offering available from the Joy of Tea stand in Epcot’s World Showcase.

Melissa’s weird obsession with garbage cans pops up again. This week, she’s aflutter about a version found in the Tower of Terror. Thanks to Magical Trash for sharing!

Whit Honea visited Pixar Animation Studios last week and he wrote about his super fun adventure on The Disney Blog. We are officially envious of Whit … and really, really excited for Brave!

WDW Solo Meets, run by friend-of-the-site Jeff, has a hilarious look at the best places to eat your turkey leg in private shame. Love it, Jeff!!

Caught up in the Citrus Swirl controversy? Michael Crawford at Progress City USA thinks you should shut up and enjoy your frosty treat.  (We agree.)

We have little love for baseball … but big love for Goofy cartoons. This week, Between Disney shared a great one!

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