Weekly Round Up: January 10

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Congratulations to all of our readers and friends of the site who ran in the Walt Disney World Marathons and Races this weekend! Tracy’s been following the Couch to 5K plan, and Melissa has a hate-hate relationship with the gym, so we have a ton of respect for all of you strong, amazing runners.

We’re putting the finishing touches on our Touring Plan for February, which now includes our first Mouse on the Mind Meetup! Stay tuned in the coming days for more information about our Leap Day Live Blog Project and our upcoming Mouse on the Mind trip to Walt Disney World.

The Round Up includes a lot of food this week, so we hope you’re not hungry …

Mouse on the Mind Around the Web
Tracy wrote about her career plans for 2012 over on Existential Midlife Twitch as well as about her upcoming last-minute solo trip on The Suitcase Scholar.

Our Favorites This Week
Dapper Day is Sunday, February 5! We’re so jealous that we can’t glide through the park in our Sunday best with you. If any of our readers will be there, e-mail Melissa: we’d love to feature a Dapper Day guest post!!

With a little help from Disneyana Collector  Jason Liebig, AJ from Disney Food Blog presented some truly awesome historical Disney “college pennant” stickers from the 1970s. And Heather Sievers’s review of the Jolly Holiday Cafe has us drooling on our Disneyland guidebooks.

At Eating WDW, Sarah tips us off to a new Magic Kingdom sandwich that’s to be avoided–the lobster roll at Columbia Harbour House.  We’re glad we know to skip this menu option because surely we would have wanted to try it. There’s few things worse than bad lobster roll, but bad lobster roll in the hot Florida sun might take the cake!

The incredibly talented Tom of Disney Tourist Blog posted his top 11 photos from 2011 … and boy are they beautiful! He also offered a lovely photo tour of the Cinderella Castle Suite.

Amanda at Disney Everyday gives us some ammunition in the war against dunderheads who don’t “get” Disney. To quote Melissa’s tweet last week: THIS.

The Disney Chick cracks us up with her “ideal” 24-hour Disney day. If we were touring with her, we’d have passed out somewhere in the World Showcase, completely missing her March Madness Parade.

Disney Parks Blog ‘advertised’ some excellent office space that we’re thinking about renting … what a great place to blog! And right on Melissa’s favorite Disney lake!

FoxxFur wrote up an incredibly thoughtful and in-depth review of the year that was in Walt Disney World on Passport to Dreams.