Rivers of Light & Booze

As I was wandering through Animal Kingdom before Thanksgiving, I noticed something peculiar: The area that used to be Expedition Everest’s dedicated FastPass area was under construction. I quickly found the nearest Cast Member and said, “So, uh … what’s the deal there?”

Turns out, it’s a bar. Or, well, it will be. I managed to snap a photo of the new sign over the construction walls:

unnamed (1)

When Rivers of Light starts up in the Spring, folks are going to want to grab a drink or snack before the show. The only other centrally-located show (Fantasmic!) has its own food kiosk near the stadium seating, so it makes sense that they’d add permanent food kiosks, like the Thirsty River Bar, near the seating for Rivers of Light.

According to the Cast Member I spoke to, there won’t be any permanent seating, only grab-and-go, like the Upcountry drink kiosk in Asia. And the only thing left to do is come up with some excellent drink names … like, Himalayan Headache, Altitude Sickness, Runaway Train, Disco Yeti, Rohde’s Revenge or the Sherpa’s Delight.

While I absolutely love this news (and I know the Hipsters are excited, too), I hope the Imagineers find a place to put a couple of FP Kiosks somewhere on that side of the Park … because the nearest kiosk is now at Dawa Bar.

Are you excited for Rivers of Light? And the Thirsty River Bar? Let us know in the comments. 

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