Review: Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Kidani (At Disney Again)

Here’s a true confession for you: until this past January (when Dan from At Disney Again suggested it), I’d never stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I am a Monorail Resort Girl. (Well, really, I am a Contemporary Resort Girl.) Barring monorail availability, I demand Crescent Lake action. Or I will take the Value Resort.

Yea. My motto is sort of “Give Me Ease of Access or Give Me Food Courts!” It’s weird, but it works for me.

So. I’d never stayed at AKL, and although I’ve visited Jambo House often for sight seeing and food consuming, I’d never even stepped foot in Kidani Village. So I was in for a total treat!

The Room
When we checked in, it turned out that they’d ignored (lost?) our request for a handicap accessible room. (While Dan isn’t in a wheelchair full time, he can’t walk long distances easily due to his ankle injury.)  And, as a result, we had a long, long, looooong hike to our room. Really long.

By the time we got to the room, *I* was tired. Dan was near dead. HOWEVER, we both perked right up upon entering the space …

Because how could you not?

It’s such a fun, fantasy-filled space. It’s clearly NOT what you’d experience on a safari … but it’s what you’d imagine it might be like.

Even though the wood is dark and heavy, the fabrics make the overall impression light and airy. I especially love the way the mosquito net draping and khaki-colored curtains bring a bit of fun theme and lighten up the room.

The Deep Cuts

Speaking of that dark, heavy wood furniture, I totally loved it, which is kind of unusual for me. But I think, here, everything was artistically distressed and decorated with fanciful carvings … the details captured my attention and brought interest and brightness to what might otherwise have been overly cumbersome.

Think this stuff is cool? Head over to At Disney Again for even more shots!

The light fixtures were another source of interest, introducing more primitive design elements, like leather straps and stylized brass-twigs, alongside the aforementioned carvings. Someone thought about every inch of this space, and it shows in these tiny details.

If there was ONE thing that disappointed me about the room … it was that there wasn’t a Lion King scene in the bathtub tiles. (Tracy had one a couple of years ago, and I’ve been dying to have my own ever since.)

BUUUUUT … even though the bathroom wasn’t all I’d been dreaming of, I have to admit that the rain shower head was much appreciated, the space was extremely generous and I totally loved the crude animal-drawing tiles in the bathroom we ended up with. So adorable. I wish they sold them at the resort … I could totally see taking two or four of those and making them a focal point of an interesting kitchen backsplash or small-scale art piece.

My absolute favorite detail IN the room, though, was totally these intricate lace curtains. Sure, they seemed like lacy sheers for the floor-to-ceiling windows, but a closer look revealed characters from The Lion King woven into the design. Seriously. I loved these things.

The Great Outdoors
But, of course, the greatest feature of all was the full balcony, complete with a lovely, lovely view of the resort’s savanna.

Not only were the chairs wicked awesome (check out that zebra!), but we has some awesome animal sightings and felt really lucky. Visit At Disney Again for even more photos of DAK’s animals.

We had the room for two nights, and while we did spend our day in the Parks, the early mornings and evenings were absolutely spent curled up in our zebra chairs (sometimes with coffee, sometimes with cocktails) watching the animal kingdom stroll by our doors.

Even if I didn’t love the theme of the resort (I did), the view and experience are unparalleled. I don’t think I’m at Hipster levels of love quite yet, but I’d undoubtedly set up camp in this little village again.


Would you ever consider a stay at the Kidani Village? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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