It Reminds Me of Home

DSNY (Mouse on the Mind)

Little-known fact: I moved last week.

After many, many years of living in upstate New York, my family and I relocated to Long Island. Our new place is a little closer to the Mouse and a lot closer to my family and some of my awesome friends (including Estelle from This Happy Place Blog).

I’m psyched for this new adventure, but I am totally bummed about leaving my friends here (especially Sarah of Knoebels and Deliciously Wicked candy fame) and some of the little reminders of Disney that I’ve come to recognize and rely on when I need a little pick-me-up.

Like the roadside scribble in the image above. I have no idea what it means or why it’s there, but I walk by it all the time with my dog. Once, when I was having an internal debate about whether or not I should cancel a trip, we walked by this and it was like a sign. Of course I should go to Disney! 

This next one is right up the block from my (former) office: a horsehead hitching post. I used to walk by it daily, and every time, it would remind me of the very similar posts up and down Main Street in Magic Kingdom as well as those you can find throughout the Port Orleans resorts. Even though it’s located on a fairly busy street, every time I see it, I think of relaxing strolls down Main Street or through manicured grounds.

Horse Hitching Post (Mouse on the Mind)
Geneva, N.Y., versus Port Orleans Resort

On the town’s main drag, there is a cute apartment building that reminds me of another great spot in the Magic Kingdom. There, on a little side street in Liberty Square, you can sit for awhile as the crowds pass you by. Here in upstate New York, I’ve had to resist the urge to relax and put my feet up many times after a walk. But I guess that would be a little creepy since I don’t live there.

Grab a Seat (mouse on the mind)
Geneva, N.Y., versus Liberty Square

A little obscure are these shutters which are also along my regular evening walk route. (George gets around, guys.) They’re just shutters. Nothing special about them. But for some reason, I can’t walk by them without thinking of Pinocchio Village Haus and the adorable little carvings in the seat backs. They make me smile. (As does the little long-haired doxie who lives here. She’s full of spunk, and I am going to miss her and her owner. George, however, is NOT going to miss her.)

Tree Carvings (mouse on the mind)
Geneva, N.Y., versus Pinocchio Village Haus

My heart is slightly heavy with sadness to be leaving what has very much become home over the past several years, but I’m looking forward to new friends, new adventures and new touchstones. Because no matter where I make my home, there’s always a little place for me in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Do you have any Disney touchstones near home? Share them in the comments below! Also, wish me luck in my new job, which I started last Monday. Eeek!!

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