Reintroducing … Imagineering Awesome

Welcome to the second summer kick off of my favorite series in all of Disney blogging …

imagineering_awesome … and it’s inspired by countless sessions of armchair Imagineering with friends. Because who doesn’t love sitting around (maybe with a few drinks) gabbing about how we’d make the Park even better?

So I reached out to some of my friends and favorite bloggers and invited them to answer one question: If you had unlimited monies, what attraction would you want to see in a Disney Park?

I gave them pretty free reign: it could be any kind of attraction (show, ride, resort, interactive experience), and it could be in any Disney Park. They could spend all of the money and call in any resources they needed with the full support and power of the Walt Disney Company behind them. The one catch: the attraction had to be based a Disney, Marvel, Pixar or Star Wars film.

What they’ve come up with is totally awesome (sometimes going completely off the reservation with regard to the rules … but only in the best ways), and I can’t wait to share it with you. I’ll list them all here in this post, and you’ll also be able to access them here. And they’ll be popping up on the blog a couple of times each week. You won’t be able to miss them … and hopefully you won’t want to!!

As new posts are released, I’ll add them to a link below. I think that’s all the housekeeping … Let the armchair Imagineering begin!

 Imagineering Awesome

Frozenland by Jamie of Disney Hipster Podcast

Paradise Falls by Mike of Jambo Everyone

South America by Jeff

it’s a small deadly world by Leah of The Magical World Of …

Mos Eisley Cantina by Becky of Disney in Your Day

Tomorrowland, Presented By Stark Industries by Jeff of Lance + Jeff

Even Newer Fantasyland by Keith of The Disney Hipster Podcast

A Galaxy Far Far Away by Emma of A Pinch of Pixie Dust

Make Way For Tomorrow Today by Melissa of Disney On Wheels

Bibbidi Bobbidi Beautiful by Karen and Davina of The Best Friends Guide

Ludwig Von Drake’s Weather Advisory by Mickey Mutineers

Your Pegasus Awaits … by Katy of Sassagoula Steamboat Company

The Rescuers’ Devil’s Bayou Adventure by Katherine of Food Fitness Fantasy

Extra Value with a Side of Pizazz by Estelle of This Happy Place Blog

Haunted Harambe by Melissa of Mouse on the Mind

If you’re interested in contributing your own idea to the series, e-mail me!

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