READ ME: Shopping in North Carolina

Last fall, Dan and I traveled to North Carolina with four friends–two of them were interviewing for residency nearby, and the rest of us tagged along. We all booked rooms at a truly beautiful bed and breakfast  and settled in for for a fun long weekend.

Our first morning, breakfast was served by a lovely man who chatted with us about the town and his life. We were all charmed by his energy, so when he mentioned that he runs a little shop just up the block from the B&B, we of course made plans to visit later in the day!

The shop ended up being a huge space, loaded with several different mini-stores, each owned by a different local citizen, each with its own unique style. We split up and explored and came together to share our favorite finds … here are some of the Disney-adjacent items we found …

We actually ended up taking Pinocchio home with us, and we gave him to my mother as a Christmas gift (which is why I haven’t posted about this trip sooner!). She absolutely loved the adorable, hand-crafted German puppet.

What’s the coolest Disney-related item you’ve ever found on a non-Parks vacation? Let us know in the comments below!