Rain, Rain …

Into each life some rain must fall. Especially if that life happens to be vacationing in Florida. Amirite?

Truth be told, a little rain drizzling down (or pouring angrily) can sometimes be the best thing for your vacation. If you’re willing to smile and play through, you can sometimes end up with the Park to yourself as other guests head back to the resort.

But on a recent visit to the Magic Kingdom, I learned the absolutely coolest thing about rain at Disney World: Rainy Day Cavalcade. That’s the “parade” Disney trots out when the streets are too slick for the dancers and floats to safely walk along the route, and it’s epic.

Rainy Day Cavalcade (At Disney Again)

The parade leads off with some very well-heeled (well-galosh’d?) Cast Members, who are quickly followed by three Main Street vehicles–including the infamous double-decker bus!–loaded up with the characters that would have been in the parade. If the parade weren’t reduced to a Cavalcade.

They wave and mug for the folks lined up on the street, and it’s all-around really fun. Not pictured: A few other Cast Members, also dressed in raincoats and galoshes, doing a little dance and hopping in all of the puddles to Singin In The Rain. LOVE them.

Then, as soon as it begins, it’s over.

Have you ever seen the Rainy Day Cavalcade? Tell us what you thought in the comments!