Quick Bite: Mr. Kamal’s

On the path between Africa and Asia, you have a lot of food options, from a beef slider on-the-go at Caravan Road to an Asian-inspired sit-down at Yak & Yeti. Lots of options. But on my solo-Animal Kingdom day in December, I decided to explore the new menu at Mr. Kamal’s.

Mr Kamal hummus (Mouse on the Mind)

It was a total scorcher, and I opted for something light and delicious … and I also admit that I was curious about how Disney Quick Service hummus might taste.

Verdict: It’s pretty good. I mean, it was pre-packaged and had obviously been sitting in a fridge for a few hours. Which is fine (even good) for hummus, but the veggies were a little dried out. But it was totally refreshing and just-the-right-amount of filling for an afternoon snack.

Also note: What I got was vastly different than what Disney Food Blog got when they did their review, but already the packaging and the number of pitas was different. And I didn’t get any olives on my hummus. But the price has gone down $1 since then, so … make what you will of that.

What’s your favorite quickie meal at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Sound off in the comments below! 

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