Quick Bite: Hallow-yum at Big Top Treats

It started with a visit to Pete’s Silly Sideshow. Dan from At Disney Again and I exited from our visit with Daisy Fortuna into the bright, colorful confines of Big Top Souvenirs … and quickly realized we needed an energy boost before returning to do battle with The Great Goofini.

To Big Top Treats! Where spooky, sugar-coated seasonal treats have taken over the snack cases! I especially loved the white-chocolate-coated ghostly Mickey candy apples. (As an aside: who even orders those apples?! They’re so big! And so sticky! Eesh!)

Big Top Treats (At Disney Again)

After stalking the case for a few minutes, I ordered a chocolate covered pineapple spear ($4.29). That sounds weird. Even now. Even to me. I don’t know what possessed me to order it. We could maybe chalk it up to heat exhaustion because it was really hot that day, and Dan and I had been hanging out in the sun for too long.

Pineapple Spear from Big Top Treats (At Disney Again)

But, you know what? Chocolate and pineapple go really, really, really well together! The hard shell was a little brittle, but the juice from the tropical fruit kept it sticking to the spear, so it never fell apart. Even as I sat on the floor in a corner of the store. Getting weird looks from shoppers and smiles from Cast Members (“aww, look! another homeless Disney blogger!”). I’d definitely order it again.

Me & a Pineapple Spear from Big Top Treats (At Disney Again)

Dan snatched up a seasonal Mickey-crispy treat ($4.99). They’re one of his favorites–when he needs a sweet fix, it’s his go to yum. In a nod to the upcoming holiday, the treat was sprinkled with orange sugar and the face was drawn with chocolate magic shell. Mickey Krispie Treat from Big Top Treats (At Disney Again)

I don’t love these treats because I feel like they’re too rock-hard and sticky, but Dan said that the coating on the face of this treat kept it very moist. He said, “it was soft and chewy and very delicious. Will buy again.”

After we scarfed our treats and did a bit of browsing, it was back into the breach to face off against The Astounding Donaldo. But that’s a story for another day …

What’s your favorite sweet snack at Disney Parks? Let us know in the comments! 

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