Quick Bite: Churros To Milkshakes

I’d just spent 19 hours in a car with Dan from At Disney Again, racing from northern New Jersey to Orlando, Florida, so we could log some time in the Parks before Easter. I was hungry and a little bit cranky. And a lot excited about stretching my legs and getting my tour on.

But first, food! As we wandered into the Park, heading toward the Cinderella carriage on Streets of America, Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner was the first stop we passed. And, duh … I love Min and Bill’s! So we hopped into line and saw this beauty:

That’s right, folks: If you head to Min and Bill’s in the near future, just know that the “Seasonal Shake” is a Cinnamon Sweet Churro Milkshake. And, boy, is it delicious!

If you’ve never had a shake from Min and Bill’s before, be warned: This is one thick sip. All of their shakes are, and this version in particular is overloaded with warm, spicy-sweet cinnamon. And tucked into the luscious layer of whipped cream is a slightly stale, very cinnamony churro.

Yum! So so delish. I wish they’d keep this one of the menu permanently.

What’s your favorite seasonal treat at Disney World? 

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