Quick Bite: Affogato at Italy’s Gelato Cart

Affogato from Gelato Cart in Epcot's Italy Pavilion (Mouse on the Mind)

It was a hot, hot, hot day in September, and ice cream zoomed to the top of our “Must-Do” list as Rob and I walked around the World Showcase. When we hit the Italy Pavilion, I knew this was my chance to finally introduce him to Epcot gelato.

He ordered the affogato, two scoops of vanilla gelato topped with espresso and sprinkled with chocolate-covered coffee beans. It was served with three small Italian cookies by two bona fide Italian College Program workers, as you can see in the photo above. Deliciousness abounds at that little cart, let me tell you!

The frozen treat was super creamy and sweet, while the espresso was hot and slightly bitter, creating a shocking steamy/cool sensation. The beans on top were crunchy, like freeze-dried peas, which added another textural element to this tempting treat. We drank the espresso first, enjoying it like a caffè latte, then ate the ice cream and beans, like a traditional ice cream.

I don’t typically love of espresso, and usually, I tend toward the salty/sweet combination, but this sweet/bitter grouping really worked for me. We also liked that it wasn’t too big, so Rob could enjoy the whole treat (minus my three bites) without ruining his appetite for dinner.

Have you ever indulged at the Gelato Cart? Tell us about your dreamy dessert! 

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