A Little Bit of Disney in my Day: Princess Dresser

One of my favorite things about visiting Disney properties is the attention to detail. So much attention is given to every little detail, and I LOVE it. I always find myself in awe of the Imagineers!

I am a believer that every girl is a Princess, whether real, imagined or aspiring. (Thank you Julie Andrews!) I love tiaras, pink and fancy! So I’m especially excited to share this project, which adds a little bit of Disney Princess detail  to my day.  

Someone on Craigslist was giving away this cute little dresser… They just gave it to me! I was so excited to go pick it up! Before going any further, I must confess, I’m a furniture junkie. I LOVE old pieces of furniture. My family has come to the understanding that I have a ‘collection.’

Before going any further, I must also share that I do things in a bit of a scatter-brained manner. I am seldom fully prepared for my projects. I like to call it ‘multi-tasking.’

In the midst of my multi-tasking, I might have forgotten to take a picture of the dresser before beginning, but this will give you an idea of what I started with…

I had already painted the drawers, so while the body of the dresser dried I started on the fun details.

I made an honest attempt at having everything together for this project. However, as you’ll see in the next few pictures, the cute paper with frogs and carriages did not manage to make it in the project. Somehow I only purchased 2 pieces and I needed 4. Opsy!

After a quick trip the scrapbooking store for more paper, I got started on the fun part! I slathered the bottom of the drawer with a thick layer of Modge Podge (working in sections the size of the paper).

Then I laid the paper over the Modge Podge and smoothed it down. My drawers were 3 papers wide, but a couple of inches deeper than the paper. I used my handy dandy cutter to cut the 4th piece to make up for the extra couple of inches.

After the drawer bottoms were covered with paper, I applied a top coat of Modge Podge.

I ended up with 2 different tiara papers…

For the 3rd drawer, I used a Pink Ribbon paper. I chose this paper because I am a Three-Day, 60-Mile Walker and am as addicted to Pink Ribbon as I am Disney. I walked the Three-Day last year in Seattle for the first time, and am excited to walk in Seattle again this year!

Et voilà: my finished project:

Pretty cute ….Even if the mirror needs a good scrubbing and the floor needs a vaccuum!


Jenny is married to her very own Prince Charming, Josh. They have three beautiful children, Britani (21), Breanna (18) and Benjamin (12). Jenny resides in Oregon and has the happiest job on earth planning Disney vacations at Mouse Tales Travel. Jenny loves sparkly things, enjoys crafts and is always looking for a little bit of Disney in her day!

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