Saturday Something: Playing With Food

Happy Saturday! After eating breakfast on the go and chowing down on lunch at my desk, I try to enjoy my meals on the weekends as much as possible. But these people are a little better at making meals fun than I am …

Food Art by Batch Please Cookies

These cookies are pretty, but also delicious! Baker Bethany Wiseman takes sugar cookies and paints mini masterpieces on them using gel food coloring!

Food Art by Random Breakfasts 

My love of breakfast carbs is legion, and these amazing creations take it up a notch.

Food Art by Ida Skivenes

Ida left her job as a statistician to be a full-time food artist. How delicious!

Food Art by Samantha Lee 

Samantha started making food art to get he daughter to eat, and now it’s a full-time gig. Nice work, and you can eat it!

Do you have any favorite food artists? Tell us about them in the comments below!