Review: Breakfast at Pizzafari

One of the beautiful murals that grace the walls of Pizzafari.

I have to admit, I don’t typically eat breakfast when visiting Walt Disney World–and if I do, it is often not so much ‘breakfast’ as it is ‘a cupcake’.  But one of the many great things about visiting Disney World frequently is that you have the opportunity to do crazy things like arrive at a park and immediately have breakfast–while everyone else rushes towards Kilimanjaro Safari or Expedition Everest.

And that’s exactly how I found myself sitting all alone in the seating area of Pizzafari one lovely morning in late February, having decided that a good day in WDW simply must start with a good, protein-rich meal. Clearly a cupcake was out. While the cast members manning the registers did look at me a bit strangely–after all, I was for sure their first customer of the day, and I don’t think anyone else ventured in during my entire visit–it was definitely a better meal choice than ‘white chocolate elephant cupcake’ (though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a cupcake breakfast either, provided it’s not a regular thing).

At 9 in the morning, I have the entire dining area all to myself!

In typical Tracy fashion, I ordered the strangest-sounding thing on the menu–the spinach and goat cheese fritatta. I love anything with goat cheese, and spinach is one of its best friends. Plus it was served with salsa, a necessary breakfast condiment in my book.

Upon first inspection, the fritatta looked good. Almost…too good. I typically subscribe to the ‘if it seems to good to be true then it is’ mindset. And this fritatta almost proved that mindset correct yet again. While it was flavorful, it had an odd texture. I’m going to call that odd texture ‘fake eggs’. I love you Walt Disney World, but would it kill you to crack an actual egg for breakfast sometime?

Spinach and goat cheese fritatta

However, all was not lost. The salsa was very, very good. It had actual cilantro in it, which I very much appreciated. Covering the fritatta with said salsa almost made me forget the strange, fake-egg texture. Almost.

And good news for those of you who fear goat cheese–there really wasn’t much in this dish. It was sprinkled over the top and that was it–not cooked into the fritatta itself. So if you’re looking for a protein-filled, egg(ish)-based breakfast but are not a fan of goat cheese, I’m confident they could make it for you sans-cheese. Though personally, I’d ask for double cheese in the future. But that’s because I love goat cheese.

The potatoes were more steak-fry-esque than hashbrown-esque, which I really appreciated. But then I’m not really a fan of hashbrowns–and who doesn’t like steak fries? They did, however, require ketchup, which I had to squeeze out of little packets from the condiment bar.

Speaking of the condiment bar, the one at Pizzafari had something that I’d not yet found in WDW–packets of crushed red pepper. I assume they existed for later-in-the-day pizzas, but I have to tell you, if there’s one thing that can spruce up a fritatta (real egg or otherwise) it is some heat.

I was not disappointed by my Pizzafari breakfast. However, I wasn’t expecting much, either. I was also surprised to not find a breakfast pizza on the menu. Truth be told, that’s why I wandered in in the first place. But for just over $7.00, you really can’t beat the fritatta. Real eggs or not, it’s a much more nutritionally-sound option than the coconut-covered chocolate cupcake I’d typically enjoy.

Have you had breakfast at Pizzafari? What did you think?

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