Saving Mr. Who

I didn’t like the new Doctor. Peter Capaldi just wasn’t doing it for me. Pardon me if you’re not a Whovian (this is going to take a Disney turn in a moment, I promise), but season eight really stunk up until Mummy on the Orient Express. Before that … blech.

I almost stopped watching. But I am glad I didn’t because the last few episodes of the season contained TWO Disney touchpoints that brought me great joy. (Not to mention the fact that Flatline was smashing.)

All season, we were visited by a very lovely, very familiar looking lady, but it wasn’t until Dark Water that we learned that her name is Missy (aka The Mistress, aka The Lady Time Lord), and that she’s basically like a Whovian version of Mary Poppins!

She’s got that Poppins style. And that Poppins flair. But don’t let her sneaky little smile fool you: She’s pure evil. Like, really super bad. Like, world-ending bad. (But don’t worry: Dr. Who isn’t real.)

Then there’s the A113 reference in Flatline. On the front of a train that almost takes the Doctor’s head off!

What’s A113, you say? To quote the story-breaking redditor:

A113 refers to a classroom number at the California Institute of Arts. It was the classroom for first year graphic design and character animation, where many of the animators at Pixar and Disney, and several other studios, discovered and mastered their craft. The use of A113 in their films is a friendly nod to one another that they once shared a classroom without which they would never be doing what they’re doing now.

The reference appears in nearly every Pixar movie as well as several Disney movies (as well as episodes of Family Guy and The Simpsons). But it really started as an in-joke at Pixar and has sort of spread to become a pop culture meme. As evidenced by the fact that it appeared in Dr. Who.

So there you have it. Dr. Who goes Disney. (Again.)

Are you a Whovian? What do you think of this incarnation of Dr. Who?