Photo Set: Pie-Eyed Pals

In some of his his earliest incarnations, Mickey Mouse was depicted with triangle-cut-out eyes. Those little missing pie shapes were only around for a short time—appearing regularly from 1934 until 1939—but that look has become synonymous with “classic” Mickey.

It’s not like the pie-eyed look ever really went away. It’s appeared on merchandise throughout the years and, in giant form, on the face of Mickey’s Fun Wheel. But I definitely feel like “Pie-Eyed” Mickey has been making a something of a comeback lately.

I’d seen the pie-eye around on licensed tees in Target and on, but during my early December visit to Disney World, I was surprised by how much of the official Christmas merchandise featured the vintage visage. And it wasn’t only the holiday-inspired pins, stockings and ornaments: a lot of the new clothing options feature pie-eyed Mickey and Minnie, too.

What do you think of pie-eyed Mickey? Does that triangle cutout make you more or less likely to purchase a tee-shirt or branded coffee? 

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