Two Nights at The Park Inn

Usually when I write these things, I’m like, “Yay! Everything’s magical in Orlando!” But the fact is, not everything is magical in Orlando. And I learned that firsthand when Dan and I spent two nights at the Park Inn Radisson.

Park Inn Orlando

From the outside, the hotel looks adorably mod-century modern, but it’s clearly built on the bones of a much older hotel. And there’s more than old bones under the sleek exterior. I mean, everything was fine. Even though the tile floor in our room was extremely cold. Until I woke up from a nap, stumbled into the bathroom and came face to face with a roach. Awesome.

We called and complained to the front desk, and when we went out for the evening, they came by and sprayed. I wasn’t super comfortable with the idea. (They applied bug spray while our stuff was in the room? Shouldn’t they have moved us to another room first?) And I was even less comfortable when we came back to the room later that night to find roach bits and pieces all over the floor. Ugh. So. Gross.

The other things wrong with this place? Let me count them:

  1. There’s not enough parking.
  2. Worse: a vast swath—the swath closest to the main entrance—of the parking lot is dedicated to rental car return. (WHAT?!)
  3. All of the maintenance, janitorial and housekeeping staffers wear walkie talkies. And they’re turned up—loud. You can hear them coming from way down the hall. Which, whatever: they have to communicate. But the info coming over the speakers is all about which guests is which rooms are complaining about broken showers or dirty bedsheets or whatever else.

On the plus side, the staff was really nice.

Have you ever stayed at the Park Inn Raddison? Tell us about your experience.