Kill Refurb Marry: The Muppets

Kill Refurb Marry Blog HopHello and welcome to the Disney version of the popular parlor game, Kill Boff Marry. Estelle from This Happy Place Blog and I decided to transform the  game into a WDW-themed version called Kill Refurb Marry.

These days, we play once a month. And we invite other Disney bloggers to play along, posting their own picks and then linking up so everyone can read along! To check out previous editions of the game,  visit the Kill Refurb Marry homepage.

This is the seventh Kill Refurb Marry Blog Hop, and it’s pretty special because it’s in honor of Muppets Most Wanted. And it was also deeply difficult. Who wants to kill a Muppet?!

Kill: Lew Zealand

Lew Zealand (Mouse on the Mind)Guys, originally, I was going to play Hug Refurb Marry because I couldn’t bear the idea of killing off a Muppet. But once I got to thinking about it, Lew was sort of an obvious choice. I mean, he throws fish. That’s, like, his only thing. Why does he even exist? It just makes absolutely no sense. And so, Lew, I cast ye out of the Muppet pantheon!

Refurb: Sweetums

Sweetums (Mouse on the Mind)This may be a little weird, but what the hell happened to Sweetums!? When he was initially concepted by Jim Henson, Sweetums was a torn and ratty ogre. Now? Much less so. I have such a soft spot in my heart for this unpredictable sweetie. And I don’t at all like the way he’s been whitewashed over the past few years. His nose is curvier. His hair is less shaggy and knotted. His undereye bags are less pronounced. His outfit looks more like a hobo’s patchwork attire than like the pelts Jim intended. And can we talk about how his mouth has changed? It’s creepy.

Marry: Gonzo

Gonzo (Mouse on the Mind)First of all, look how handsome he’s gotten over the past 35+ years!! He really grew into that nose and learned how to dress and style his hair … I’d be lucky to have him on my arm. (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!?) I just find him so cuddly and sweet, and I love the way he treats Camilla. But he also has a wild, daring, artistic side, and I totally appreciate that, too. I think life with Gonzo would never, never be boring. Sign me up.


Thanks so much for reading! Don’t forget to click here to check out Kill Refurb Marry posts by other Disney bloggers! And if you want to play along, write your own post and add it to the list! (If you don’t have a blog, zap me an e-mail ( I’d be happy to host your guest post for the next round of KRM!)


Weekly Round Up: March 18

Instagram Castle (Mouse on the Mind)Happy Tuesday!

Tomorrow, we’re hosting an extra special Kill Refurb Marry with This Happy Place Blog. The topic? The Muppets. (Due to the nature of this game, we understand if you want to play Hug, Refurb, Marry … or some other variation on the theme.)

We’ll fill in the rest of this week with another visit to the World Showcase, an in-depth look at Frozen’s at-home release and a quick look at an upcoming Disney project that I’m super excited about.

So … stick around. Or browse away and come back. Or, better yet, subscribe to MotM so you get new content delivered via your RSS feed or zapped straight to your inbox.

See ya real soon!

One Little Spark of Inspiration
Sarah, the lovely proprietress of Eating WDW, enjoys breakfast at a new table service spot at Coronado Springs.

The lads offer up some musical Frontierland fun on Disney Hipster Blog.

Estelle of This Happy Place Blog shares her thoughts on using MagicBands.

Nicole has photos of the most amazing WALL-E themed wedding cake ever on Sparkly Ever After.

Melissa, the leading lady from Rolling with the Magic, has the scoop on using FastPass+ for parade and fireworks viewing.

Lee, the mind behind DisneyNouns, counts down the best five signs in Disney World.

Katherine of Food Fitness Fantasy reviews a unique WDW love story.

Rebecca shares some totally bad ass illustrations of Disney Princesses as Derby Girls on The Mary Sue.

Beth, the mom behind A Disney Mom’s Thoughts, has some clear opinions on the Cabins at Fort Wilderness.

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!

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Magic for Rent: Colonial Village Apartments
Dan & Melissa

Magic for Rent (Mouse on the Mind)

Room for Rent (Mouse on the Mind)
Colonial Village Apartments … where comfort meets convenience.

Spacious main room and modern kitchen with large windows throughout. Porch and balcony for outdoor living. Easily accessible retail opportunities and transportation services just moments away.

Availability is limited, so please select your apartment home today and discover the benefits of comfort and convenience.

Recessed Hearth
Cranked Spit Jack
Baking Oven
Cookware Cranes

Liberty Square Neighborhood
Two open markets
Publick house & tavern

River Boat
Horse-Drawn Trolley

Please contact Jason Grandt to schedule a viewing 407-555-0615
*must have good income*

  • For more available listings please feel free to contact Jason at 407-555-0615
  • cats and dogs allowed
  • Location: Boston
  • do NOT contact with unsolicited services or offers
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Inspired by the Internet: Disney GPS

Life with Dan is … interesting. Sometimes you can be sitting around talking about lease agreements and bank accounts when, without warning, he’s off on a tangent about “The Real Key West,” which is what he calls Old Key West Resort. Because problems focusing. I guess?

Ariel on a cell phone The point is, it’s impossible to have a boring conversation with him, and recently he’s been experimenting with the idea of Disney characters voicing his GPS. Because while Siri is cool and all, we’re both sort of tired of listening to her daft ass call my street “Booool.” Because that’s simply NOT the name of my street.

Because he is basically the world’s biggest troll, Dan said he’d like Stitch to voice his GPS. That’s when I decided I’m never going anywhere with him again.

And because we’re pretty much incapable of doing anything without alerting Disney Twitter (that’s REALLY not true), we asked YOU who you’d like to lend voice to your directions. Here’s what you said (in absolutely no particular order):

James Mason doing Captain Nemo (@drzarron)
Kronk (@DisneyObsessed1)
Edna Mode (@AlexFarnworth)
Olaf (@H_Victoria)
Gaston (@pookisama)
Merida (@ChrisQueen)
Sebastian (@H_Victoria)
Goofy (@OzGoofyPrincess and @floridareese)
Maelstrom narrator (@neff2032)
Jessica Rabbit (@ProfessorDave)
Jon Prime (@DisneyDweller)
Scar (@JoeyB586 )
Stitch (@disney_frump)
Sheriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood (@KCan_7)
Ray from Princess and the Frog (@PersianNerd and @j_nelsn)
Minnie (@wookieecopilot)
John from Carousel of Progress (@DisneyProject)
Yoda (@nickilasi)
Zazu (@H_Victoria)
Hades (@JoeyB586)

So … who would voice your GPS?

Me? I’m thinking Mary Poppins. Or maybe Winnie the Pooh! How cute would that be?!?!

Join in by adding your ideas to the comments below! 


What a View: American Adventure

During a recent trip to WDW, I found myself alone in the World Showcase with a couple of hours to spare. So I walked around, found something in each country that filled me with delight and snapped a photo. And I’ve been sharing them with you, one each week. This week, we’re going “home,” so to speak: The American Adventure!

American Adventure (Mouse on the Mind)I love my country. Seriously. I do. But the American Adventure? I can do without it. While I love the Fife and Drum Corps and the Voices of Liberty, I can do without the attraction itself, and as I revealed yesterday, I hate the pavilion’s counter service spot. To be honest, unless it’s Flower and Garden or Food and Wine time, I rarely even venture into the pavilion at all. That said, I almost always, always make time to stop and visit this telescope with an awesome view. It makes me think of adventure, exploration and good-old can-do spirit–the things this country was founded on. As far as I’m concerned, THIS is the American Adventure. So let’s celebrate it!

What’s your favorite detail in the France Pavilion? Let us know in the comments!


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Kill Refurb Marry Blog Hop: World Showcase Counter Service

Kill Refurb Marry Blog HopYou are probably familiar with the popular parlor game, Kill Boff Marry, where given the choice between three people, you must decide which you’d murder, sleep with or spend the rest of your life with.

A few months ago, Estelle from This Happy Place Blog and I decided to transform the popular game into a WDW-themed game of Kill Refurb Marry. Our little game has been growing in popularity, and eventually we decided to add a little Blog Hop action to the game so we can all link up!

Below, you’ll find an ever-growing list of bloggers who’ve decided to lend their own take on this month’s topic (World Showcase Counter Service Spots). Want to play along? There are simple instructions for adding your own link to the list as well as include the list on your own blog!

Thanks so much for being part of our SIXTH Kill Marry Refurb Blog Hop! Our next Hop will take place on March 12, and the topic will be The Muppets.   To add the Blog Hop participants to your own post, click here for instructions

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Kill Refurb Marry: World Showcase Counter Service

Kill Refurb Marry Blog HopYou are probably familiar with the popular parlor game, Kill Boff Marry, where given the choice between three people, you must decide which you’d murder, sleep with and spend the rest of your life with.

Estelle from This Happy Place Blog and I decided to transform the  game into a WDW-themed version called Kill Refurb Marry. Our little game grew in popularity, and a few months ago, we decided to add a little Blog Hop action to the game so we can all link up!

This is the sixth Kill Refurb Marry Blog Hop! I hope lots of Disney bloggers will join in the fun. You can check out their links on the Kill Refurb Marry homepage.

This month, we’re ranking World Showcase Counter Service Spots.

Kill: Katsura Grill

Katsura Grill (

Okay … I know just a couple of weeks ago, I was talking about how much I love the outdoor seating at Katsura … but … uuuuuugh. The food is so bad, and the menu is so terrible. And this isn’t me being opposed to “other” types of food. I totally love Japanese food! REALLY! Just not this version. Even the green tea ice cream tastes off. What the hell, EPCOT?

Refurb: Liberty Inn

Liberty Inn (from

I’m not going to lie and pretend like I eat here a lot. Because I don’t. Rarely ever. At all. But that’s because the menu needs a seriously serious revamp. I mean, look: it’s the same angus burger I can get anywhere else on property! And the same chicken caesar salad. And blah blah blah … BORING! We have such interesting regional and fusion cuisines in this great nation: corn dogs! Cheesesteaks! Buffalo wings! Tater tots! Jambalaya! Biscuits and gravy! Crabcakes! BBQ! And for dessert? Skip the British-invented apple pie. Instead, serve up truly American inventions like key lime pie, cinnamon rolls and root beer floats. And mini banana splits. Kthanx.

Marry: Tangierine Cafe

Tangierine Cafe (Mouse on the Mind)From the beautifully-crafted tables to the yummy, no-frills foodstuffs, Tangierine is one of my all-time favorite places in all of Disney World. It’s good for a quick meal. Or a long hang out with friends. I think I’ve rarely ever visited Epcot without at least stopping in for an iced mint tea or a baklava. If I could only visit one World Showcase counter service spot for the rest of my Disney days, it would be this one.


Thanks so much for reading! Don’t forget to click here to check out Kill Refurb Marry posts by other Disney bloggers!  And make sure you come back next Wednesday for a very special Kill Refurb Marry with The Muppets!! 

If you want to play along, write your own post and add it to the list! (If you don’t have a blog, zap me an e-mail ( I’d be happy to host your guest post for the next round of KRM!)


Weekly Round Up: March 11

Festival of Fantasy Parade (At Disney Again)So. How about that Festival of Fantasy Parade, huh?

Extra huge thanks to my love, At Disney Again, for suggesting that we host some of the photos and the video here on MotM! The parade is incredibly and beautiful, and I can not WAIT to see it live and in person at the end of the month.

Until then, I have a LOT going on!

This past weekend, I shared a lovely Animal Kingdom-themed dinner with Jamie and Keith from the Disney Hipster Podcast, Mike and Brooke from Jambo Everyone, Guy from Drunk On Disney, and Lauren and Jarrett! Thank you so much to Adam and Andrew of Disney Hipster Blog for inviting us all to come together and for preparing such an amazing, authentic evening.

Tomorrow, it’s the return of Kill Refurb Marry with This Happy Place Blog. This month, our topic is World Showcase Counter Service Spots.

Then, next Wednesday, we’re hosting a second, extra-ultra special, Estelle-inspired Kill Refurb Marry: Muppets Edition in honor of Muppets Most Wanted. That’ll be on March 19, and the details about both blog hops are on the KRM Homepage.

We’ll fill in the rest of this week with a look at The American Adventure, a look at New Fantasyland and a fun thought experiment that you’re going to want to join in on!

So … stick around. Or browse away and come back. Or, better yet, subscribe to MotM so you get new content delivered via your RSS feed or zapped straight to your inbox.

See ya real soon!

One Little Spark of Inspiration
Katherine, the lovely proprietress of Food Fitness Fantasy, giggles at some super silly Disney merch.

Nick and Nora munch on yummies from Cookes of Dublin on Extra WDW Magic.

The guys of Disney Hipster Blog share the murals of the Maharajah Jungle Trek.

Sarah gobbles up French Toast Bread Pudding (for breakfast!) on Eating WDW.

Estelle, the leading lady from This Happy Place Blog, has a bone to pick with whoever took a certain terrible photo of Miss Piggy.

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!

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Festival of Fantasy

Festival of Fantasy Parade (At Disney Again)Happy Monday … and Happy Parade Day! Errr … sort of.

Yesterday, Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade stepped off for the first time, and Dan was there to capture it all. Thousands of photos and a freshman attempt at videography later, and even though I was a thousand miles away, I feel as if I were there. And so will you!

The parade, which Disney says is “a tribute to New Fantasyland,” is a brightly colored plasticine pop of pure delight that whirls and swirls energetically along with a medley of our favorite Disney songs. Below, you’ll find many photos of the parade along with descriptions, explanations and comments from my own viewing of the photos and video as well as Dan’s opinions on the parade.

Below that? A full video of the parade, so you can experience it in all of its kinetic glory. Then, on At Disney Again, you’ll find more than 100 photos—everything from close-ups of the floats and performers to wide shots that offer perspective on the size and scope of this ambitious parade.

The moving show starts with members of “The Swan Court,” and I can’t decide if they look more like swans, with gravity-defying feather cuffs around the neck, or show ponies, with high, feathered hats. Regardless, they’re beautiful, and really set the tone for the whole parade: modern, colorful and fun with nods to the heavy, traditional costumes of the past.

Following these beautiful dancers is the new Princess float. The dreadful crystal castle of the past several years is gone (hopefully forever), and this replacement is amazing. With Belle and Beast riding on front, the float features two more platforms for Princess-y pairs—and each of them rotates, giving the audience on both sides of the street a chance to see the whole, beautiful float in its entirety. Cinderella and the Frozen sisters (along with Olaf) are our Princesses du jour for the time being, but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t easy to switch these sets out.

Dan and I both love this float. Not only is it lovely, but it’s our first glimpse of the kinetic energy of this parade—everything moves. Everything. Sure, all parades are forward moving. But all of these floats are left and right, up and down, side to side moving. They very much exist in the three dimensional space, and they take full advantage of that fact.

Everywhere you look, something is twisting, turning or pumping, giving you a new perspective. As we were looking through the photos, Dan kept noticing little details he didn’t see while he was on the sidelines, and I experienced something new every time I watched the video. This is a parade that will stand up to repeat viewings for sure.

Next up is Rapunzel and The Snuggly Duckling. Leading the charge are some colorful barmaids and Ulf, the ruffian-turned-mime from the pub.  This float is sort of amazing but also sort of a big mess. Rapunzel’s hair is woven throughout the galleon ship … which is also the bar itself. It’s very odd—shaped like a ship, with ship details, but the sign on the door says Snuggly Duckling and there are casks everywhere.

Riding atop huge swinging axes and other weaponry, Flynn, Maximus and the Pub Thugs, are constantly in motion, mostly unable to interact with the guests. Though this part of the float is incredibly cool to see (the performers move the platforms with their own body weight), it also seems oddly out-of-place. And there’s so much going on—from her hair to some lanterns to the ship and bar details and myriad other Tangled Easter eggs—it’s just very confusing for the eye.

Next up: Ariel’s Undersea Music Box! I love the brightly colored sea creatures–they look simultaneously bold and feather light, with rippling iridescence shinning as the performers greet guests on either side of the parade route. In addition to the seashell woman, the undersea flora woman and the seahorses we see here, there was also a really beautiful coral reef woman, who never made it over to Dan’s side of the street.

That’s actually one thing I don’t like about the parade: in some places (like The Swan Court and the dancers in front of Merida’s float, which we’ll get to), there are moooooore than enough dancers preceding the float. But here, there are just three. And their costumes are to. Die. For. There should be two of each costume so everyone gets a chance to see them more closely. Because they are fabulous!

And so is the music box, which looks like it comes right out of the Mermaid attraction in New Fantasyland. It’s perfect—everything spins, just as you’d expect. And if Disney doesn’t make two music-box-sized versions of this thing (a high-end version and a lower-end version for kids), then they’re clearly just not interested in printing their own money.

That’s another thing about this parade that I, personally, really love: it’s so godamn marketable! A couple of the costumes are so stinking incredible that Disney’s practically going to have to create salable versions of them, along with miniaturized versions of some of the floats, as well.

But I digress. Back to the show!

The Peter Pan unit is one of my favorites from the whole parade. I’ll admit: I didn’t like the sketches I saw ahead of the parade. But seeing it for real … it’s really kind of amazing that they were able to make this float happen. It’s so interesting and beautiful and really unlike anything we’ve seen before.

But before we meet Peter, Wendy and the gang, we interact with The Lost Boys. Their Newsies-inspired costumes are very tough and rugged but have a soft boyishness to them that’s appropriately vulnerable. The choreography and design are perfectly balanced in a way that’s truly greater than the sum of its (already exceptional) parts.

The rest of the float, as I’ve said, is beautiful. I especially love the Tinkerbell area–it nods to her float in the Main Street Electrical Parade with a bright, lively scene that moves and spins and would seem right at home in Alice’s Wonderland. And, of course, Tick Tock the Crocodile brings up the rear of this section, comically threatening … I really just want to pinch his cheeks!

The Brave set is my least favorite of the show. And I still sort of squealed with delight when I saw it.

I mean, it is really cute. Merida is just darling, and her three little bear brothers? Totally adorable. But I guess I just don’t ‘get’ it. Why is it a giant bagpipe? It’s huge and clunky. And though the bear medallion spins, I feel like it doesn’t have the same vibrancy and life as the other floats.

Also? Too many dancers. And their costumes are just terrible. Get those women out of that ill-fitting crushed velvet and into some cute, funky plaids. And the hairnets. Oh, boy, the hairnets! It just feels so … old.

Of course, what is a story without an enemy?

And amid all of the cotton-candy spun, carnival-inspired, pop art-styled patchwork of ruffles and lace, there are nods to the Victorian-flourished iron and inner clock-workings of steam punk that make this whole parade even more spectacular.

The darkness is woven throughout in small ways (like Ariel’s music box and the wind-up-toy-ish nature of Tick Tock), but we really see it for the first time in a series of men with pointy metal masks (Disney’s calling them The Ravens).

Their costumes are a mix of riveted leather, filigreed metal and dark, layered fabric wings. Along with them is a selection of very dark stilt-walking tree-men inspired by the upcoming Maleficent film. Not gonna lie: they’re kind of scary. But in the best way—they stalk Flora, Fauna and Merryweather (not pictured) and spar with Phillip along the route.

But the pièce de résistance is the  53-foot long Maleficent Dragon. She. Is. Spectacular.

She breathes fire, for goodness sake! And she’s so breathtakingly beautiful. I mean, I just literally can’t even handle the details of this float. She is a work of art and a work of war. And while some people might think it’s “too scary,” I don’t think kids are going to be scared of her at all. I think they’re going to be fascinated.

As Dan said to me earlier, the parade is, overall, balanced well between whimsy and villains. Yes, Maleficent and her minions are a little frightening, but she is defeated by Prince Phillip. And immediately followed by whimsy.

It doesn’t get more whimsical than a wind-up Monstro! The water from his blowhole pumps up and down, bouncing poor Cleo along the parade route. She’s accompanied along the way by Pinocchio and Dumbo. It’s a spinning, tilting mash-up of Pleasure Island fun and Fantasia styling that nods at the world’s best circus: Storybook Circus!

The float is led off by the Seven Dwarfs, Snow White, Jiminy Cricket, The White Rabbit, Alice and the Mad Hatter. I’m glad to see all of these characters making an appearance, but it does feel like a pretty random melange. They’re accompanied by several dancers who’ve become  bubbling, brightly-colored living pieces of the ocean.

Bringing up the rear are the Fab Five, Daisy, Chip and Dale … and the coolest costumes I’ve ever seen. They look like circus tents, but the way they bounce and shake along with the movements of the dancers is truly something spectacular. It’s such a fun, energetic way to end the show.

The whole parade, really, is wonderful. The touches are just perfect! From Mickey, looking very Wizard of Oz in a top hat, and Minnie aboard a hot air balloon to the way that most of the costumes have been made light and ethereal with feather-like touches … it’s perfect in a way that I really can’t compare to anything else Disney has ever done. Gone are the old, heavy taffeta, velvet and tasseled costumes (mostly). These feel completely modern but still completely Fantasyland-esque.

Festival of Fantasy Parade (At Disney Again)

Want more? You’re in luck! Dan’s got more than 100 shots–with awesome movement and great details–on his blog, and you can watch the full parade below! Hint: scroll to 3 minutes, 30 seconds to get right to the parade. There are a lot of announcements beforehand:

Which float is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! And if anyone knows how to recreate those amazing Storybook Circus skirts from the finale, please let me know. 

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Saturday Something: Let It Go

By now, you’ve probably seen Idina Menzel’s sort-of not-too-fabulous Oscar’s performance. Maybe she was nervous to perform in front of an audience of stars. Maybe she was distracted by Adele Dazeem. Maybe she wasn’t feeling at 100% due to a cold. Or maybe she simply couldn’t hear the godamned orchestra or see the conductor, who was moving the song along much too quickly, if you ask me. Whatever the case … it doesn’t really matter. In fact, I’m not even going to link it here.

Because Idina is still amazing. And two days later, in a much-less talked about performance, she teamed up with The Roots and Jimmy Fallon to completely blow me away:

But maybe you’ve already seen that. And you STILL can’t “let go” of the song. I’m right there with you. It’s stuck in my head almost as surely of the ear worm from The Lego Movie.

So I did what any normal (?) person does, and I looked for some fun covers on the Internet. I’ve watched a lot of them. A lot. But these 3 stood out.

First, is the “Tribalized” version, performed by Alex Boye, Lexi Walker and the One Voice Children’s Choir. Lexi  is 11 years old. And here she performs as beautifully, if not more so, that Idina! The performance is a jaw-dropper. (And her local paper did a fun look at how the video came together with behind-the-scenes footage of Lexi warming up.)


This next one is my favorite entry in the “Most Hilarious Cover” category: a local weatherman from Cincinnati performed the tune with new roads about the treacherous weather conditions in his city. I die every time.


And, finally, the obligatory mash up performed by a male voice. Because why not? This one’s actually quite good and unexpected!

Which is your favorite Let It Go cover or mashup? Share a link in the comments! Or tweet it @MouseontheMind!

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