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2016-08-01 21.03.38

Two Nights in Jambo House

Can you believe I’ve never written one of these about Jambo House? My visit back in March surely wasn’t my first stay …


Weekly Round Up: August 16

Happy Tuesday. Or as happy as it can be… Dan’s getting ready to head home and visit with his family, which is always …

2016-08-01 20.35.20

EPCOT’s Jumping Fountains

Last Thursday, Imagineer Tom K. Morris dropped a knowledge bomb on Twitter: Silver halide crystals, from which photographic film is made. We …

Dream Theaters 023

Aboard the Dream: Live Shows

When you’re preparing for your first Disney cruise, everyone talks about the stage shows: They’re Broadway-quality! They’re hilarious! They’re fun! They … really …

Sunshine Seasons

Weekly Round Up: August 9

Happy Tuesday! Not much to report. I spent the weekend with my niece, watching Bubble Guppies. And with Dan and George, hunting …

Wild Dogs Banner

Fell In Love With a Dog

Can you be in love with someone you’ve never met before? How about a whole pack of someones? How about the pack …