Other People’s Memories

A big part of my trips to Disney (trips to anywhere, really) has always been taking photos.

I remember one trip to Mystic Sea Port when I was really young (maybe 10 or 12?), and my parents had just bought a new video camera. They let me take some video at the waterfront, and even at that young age, I was trying my hand at different angles and playing with light and color.

We have five senses, sure. But so much of the way we experience the world is through sight. And when the sounds and smells and textures of Disney World are far away, sometimes sight is literally all we have.

Luckily, I am dating an extremely talented photographer who happens to have an extensive collection of Disney photos. A couple of months ago, we were in Williamsburg digging through Junk Brooklyn when we found some exciting new sights from Disney World’s past.

Vintage Disney Photos (Mouse on the Mind)This charming family of four is taking a spin around Old Fantasyland. At least, we think so. (If you can confirm that this is the Magic Kingdom, e-mail me!)


Here, a lovely (nonplussed?) group of youngsters enjoys the super-cool stylings of the pre-renovation waterfall that took up much of the lobby at the Polynesian Resort. Ah, waterfall. We miss you. VintageOnTheMind02

This photo is pretty awesome because we can date it to sometime between 1986 and 1998–the United Technologies logo was only on the sign for its first 12 years of operation. Neat, right? These vacationers are experiencing The Seas in its earliest incarnation … They “rode” in a g-d Hydrolator! Lucky.

I love these photos so much–even though they’re not my vacation photos, they remind me that we all share This Happy Place. And that’s pretty special.

Do you have any super old timey photos of your Disney vacations? Share them!! I’ll even host them here on the blog, if you want.