Five Minute Disney Fix: Online

Make your own version at home for a quick Disney fix

When you’re between trips, five months can seem like five years … so five minutes must seem like five days, right?

Keeping that in mind, here are three ways you can take a five-minute (ahem … five DAY) trip to Disney World without ever leaving your mouse.

Take A Walk About.
There’s a lot of great, free content on, and I use it all the time when I am planning a trip. But I visit even when I’m between trips because Josh posts amazing walk abouts, full of photos and colorful descriptions from the Parks. He makes me feel like I’m right there with him, and he never fails to make me laugh. Like this recent post about Downtown Disney. Or this post about Animal Kingdom from mid-January.  

Check out the Sales.
Every day, Stitch Kingdom posts a list of new and reduced-priced items from along with thumbnail photos and mini-descriptions for each item. The update from January 25 included more than 150 items (most of them probably sold out by now). Stitch also posts new and reduced-priced Disney items available at Hot Topic, Target and other major retailers when they’re available. It’s not the same as spending an hour in MouseGears, but these posts are perfect for a quick browse if you’ve only got five minutes.

Play a Game.
Runtime and Sum of All Thrills, two amazing Innoventions attractions, both offer play-at-home versions of the memories you made in Epcot. When I’m really hurting for a blast of Disney, I play a version of Runtime that Rob and I recorded in October 2011. And because I am so awesome,  you can play, too! There’s no reason to miss Disney when you can experience (almost) all the fun of Innoventions at home!

What are your favorite ways to access the magic online? Share in the comments below or e-mail