Musical Monday: One Woman Show

Remember a few weeks ago, when I was all about the a capella stylings of some college dudes? Then there were two high school guys who are clearly freaky musical prodigies, right?

Well, today, I’ve found another high schooler who has some serious musical chops, and she’s only got eyes for Disney. Take a look. But make sure you’re sitting down because this really is amazing:

Is she kidding me with this shit?!?! Heather Traska was only 17 when she made this, and she plays more than 30 characters, each with his or her own costume and voice part. Not only did she arrange the piece (which is beautiful), but she also did all of her own costumes and makeup. It took her 86 days to film and an entire month to edit. What am I doing with my life?! I’ve never made anything this cool.

Of course, she couldn’t cram all of her talented into that one video, so there are others. Lots of others. Like A Whole New World. And here’s The Little Mermaid. She also does a lot of Whitney Houston covers, which makes me a happy little monkey.

And because she is even more epically awesome than any of us could have hoped, she has also made video tutorials about how to create the makeup she wore in the video. Here’s her Simba eye makeup, Mushu makeup, Ariel hair and makeup, and a bunch of others. Go to her YouTube channel and worship at her altar.

What do you think of her one-woman show? Love it? Super love it? Share your thoughts below.

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