Musical Monday: One Woman Show, Part Deux

Heather Traska is back. And this time, she’s downright villainous!

In this, her second epic Disney medley, she takes on some of my favorite Disney dastards:

Watching Heather do her thing makes me absolutely giddy, and I know I am not alone! I looooooved watching her do Scar and members of the hyena troika as she sang one of my favorite Disney songs, but she also killed it as Ursula, am I right? And the opportunity to play some of the male roles, like Jafar, gave her a great opportunity to show off her really amazing vocal range. Very impressed, Lady Traska!

But even though she’s taken on some of our favorite baddies here, I can’t help but love her most as Belle. It’s just the role she was meant to play, if you ask me. (Although I won’t deny that I was totally totally excited to see some Rapunzel love in this medley, too.)

Again, Heather did everything, from arranging and performing the music to doing the tech, on her own over 124 days–including three weeks in editing. In addition to all of that, she put together all of her own costumes and makeup for 30 different characters, even the aforementioned Lion King baddies and the incredibly sexy Ursula makeup, which I just can’t get enough of.

You are an inspiration, Heather! I wish I had half as much talent as you clearly have in your pinky!! And everyone else … we should be ashamed. What are we doing with our lives?? We all need to go to her YouTube channel and worship at her altar.

We’re writing love sonnets to Heather in the comments. Ready? GO!