One Night In Bay Lake Tower

Little known fact: Bay Lake Tower is my Home Resort. I “own” a tiny piece of it. (Not really how it works.) The DVC resort is for sure in my top five DVC resorts, but … eeeehhhhhh …

I love the futuristic vibe of the place. The views are amaze. And the art is to die. But it feels a little cold and impersonal. And the rooms are a little small and too dark. But who am I kidding? You simply can’t beat the location: the ability to walk to the Magic Kingdom. The easy-access to Contempo Cafe. The ballin Top of the World Lounge.

If I seem a little conflicted, it’s because I am. I love it as a place to visit. But I don’t really like to stay there too often when there are so many much warmer options. Maybe it was top-of-the-line when it opened five years ago … pause there. I can’t believe this resort is only five years old! It feels so tired.

Anyway, my conflicted feelings about the resort aside, Dan and I grabbed a studio for a single night back in June, and we were so very very pleased when we were upgraded to a Partial Theme-Park View when we’d paid for a Lake View. Here are some of my favorite details from that room:

I really do love the EPCOT-ish vibe of the place, and the little touches of old school Disney. Most of all? I love the color scheme. There’s definitely a lot to like here. (But it’s still no Old Key West. And it’s certainly no Grand Flo.)

What’s your favorite resort room detail on Disney property? Share your memory or photo in the comments below!