One Afternoon at The Kali River Rapids Lockers

Back in July, Dan and I got stuck in the rain. Like, really, really stuck.

We were in line for Kali River Rapids when the downpour started. And then the lightening started. And then the ride closed down.

The line slowly emptied out. The Park slowly emptied out. Soon, it was just us and a handful of other guests, huddling with Cast Members under the covered queue. And then management called it: They wouldn’t be reopening Kali that day.

By then, the rain had mostly stopped. So we headed back over to the Kali River Rapids lockers, where Dan had stashed his camera gear before our ride. Those lockers are free. But only for two hours. And we’d been waiting out the rain for more than two hours. So we couldn’t get our stuff.

So while Dan searched for a Cast Member to help us out (in the end, they gave us our bags free of charge on the count of the weather), I took some iPhone photos of the locker area. Because it really is quite lovely!


Have you ever used the Kali River Rapids lockers? What did you think? 

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