Between Trips: Earl of Sandwich

I’m between trips. Most of you reading this probably are too. (And if you’re not, why are you reading this when you could be riding Splash Mountain?) Between trips is the worst possible place to be, especially when you don’t see a pair of Mickey ears on your horizon.

During a recent post-Christmas visit to Midtown Manhattan with my husband and in-laws, I saw an excellent opportunity to add a little shot of Disney into my “normal” life: we made a lunch-time stop at the newish Earl of Sandwich near Radio City Music Hall.

Earl's NYC location

Located in 1290 Avenue of the Americas, the easiest entry is actually on 52nd Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. The space is really small, nothing at all like the storefront at Downtown Disney in Orlando. The walls are painted a dark grey and are decorated with portraits of the Earl, but there’s a lot less history here than us Disney-folks are used to.

Wall of history
More info about The Earl

The place wasn’t too packed, but we waited in a bit of a line—again, nothing like what we’ve experienced in Orlando. The quick wait gave my husband and I some time to bargain, and in the end we decided to split two sandwiches: the Original 1762 and the All American.

Beverages and extras offered
Side of chips?
Chocolate brownies join a variety of cookies for dessert

The All American comes with roasted turkey, buttermilk ranch, cranberries and cheddar. I’d never tried this before and was surprised by how much cranberry was on the sandwich–it gave the whole thing a nice tangy flavor. Overall, it was a good sandwich made great by the warm, crusty but still soft bread.

The Original, which features roast beef, cheddar and creamy horseradish, was as delicious as ever, although I believe there was slightly less horseradish on it than in Orlando. It had a nice bite, but not quite as sharp as I expected. My father-in-law only ate half of his Original, saving the rest of it to eat back home that night. He reports that the sandwich was still delicious, cold and eight-hours old.

One big problem here is the lack of seating. There are about six stools at an exterior-facing counter, but the majority of their business is takeout. So, we did. The weather was a little cold and damp but far from unbearable during this unseasonably warm December, so we headed outside with our sandwiches and sat for a quick lunch in the courtyard across the street.

The benches were cold, but there’s something about a well-made, warm sandwich on a cold day that thaws you through and through. This is an excellent place to enjoy The Earl, especially once it gets a little warmer. It might even seem downright Disney-esque in the summer!

Courtyard across from the Earl
Unwrapping that familiar gold foil

About 6 short and 1 long blocks (or approximately half a mile) from the Times Square Disney Store, this is a great way to add a little Disney magic to a trip to New York City.

Have you found a unique way to keep Disney in your day-to-day when you’re between trips? Share it with us below or e-mail me at

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