My Favorite Non-Disney Disney Songs

I’m a child of the late 80s. For those of you who didn’t live through that florescent-colored, feathered-hair time, I have two words for you: Mix Tapes.

Non-Disney Disney Music (Mouse on the Mind)

Shamelessly stolen from RetroThing

When I was really young, I had a Playskool Rockin Robot cassette player with a big, grinning face and a handheld microphone. It was amazing. I’d carry it around the house, recording a narration of my life, write and perform my own songs and, of course, hold the microphone up to the television and the radio so I could record my favorite songs and commercials.

When I got a little bit older, I’d use my all-in-one stereo to make mix tapes of songs recorded from the radio and from my own CD collection. These days, my stereo is an iPod docking station, and my iDevices are perpetually set to “shuffle.” At work, my Pandora stations take my musical tastes to the farthest edges of my interest.

In effect, my mix tapes have become more random, but I definitely feel the pull of the mix tape. I made one for my father’s 60th birthday, and I’m in the middle of making one for my baby sisters’ high school graduation party.

And, today, I’m making one just for you!

You can listen to loops of Parks background music on YouTube or the countless streaming radio stations that focus on the magic. And there’s already a Pandora station set up for classic Disney music. This, my friends, is a special mix tape, made entirely of songs about or inspired by Disney … but that have literally nothing to do with Disney.

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