Nightmare Fuel: Stuck on IASW

Back in October, Dan from At Disney Again was presenting at a conference in Orlando, so I flew down for a Disney weekend. But while he was being an adult, I had a whole day to myself. What’s a girl to do?

I can tell you what this one did. After arriving on property via DME, I freshened up at Saratoga Springs and then bused over to the Magic Kingdom.

I rarely tour alone, so it’s simultaneously lovely and a little stressful for me to have the whole Park to myself. I took the day slowly: Wandering up Main Street, watching Move It Shake It from the Liberty Square Bridge and eventually ending up over back near it’s a small world.

iasw (At Disney Again)
It looks so innocent. Fun, even.

I know how most of you feel bout iasw, but I end up riding it just about every trip lately. It’s a nice, cool place to escape the crowds for a bit. And I have to admit that it’s actually growing on me.

On this particular trip, I happened to be the only solo traveler in a boat loaded with special-needs young adults on a day trip to the Vacation Kingdom. The women were totally delightful, and I had a really a nice chat with the girl sitting next to me as we sailed through the seas of the world.

In the White Room, something terrifying happened: The ride went 101.

iasw white room (At Disney Again)
You will be here. For all. Eternity.

The boats were backing up, and the song kept playing over and over and over … and over. I felt that familiar creeping feeling, like ants on my skin, and I started to think about jumping into that filthy moat and wading to the exit.

And then the girl sitting next to me looked up at me, and said, “You know, I like this song, but it sure gets old quick!” And just like that, she broke the spell. We both laughed, and eventually, the ride started moving again so we could both get back to our days.

What’s your favorite sun in iasw? Tell us in the comments!