New Trip Traditions

A while ago, I posted about my end-of-trip tradition: A meal (usually lunch) and a drink (usually a big one) at San Angel Inn. It sort of happened organically, and then once I started getting a little tequila buzz going on my last day, it just sort of stuck.

But a lot of things have changed for me since then. Thrice, I’ve moved. Twice, I’ve changed jobs.  And once, I changed life partners. To be entirely honest, I don’t think I’ve been to San Angel Inn at all since that last visit with Tracy in 2012. True facts: I totally don’t love the food there. I really just like to drink tequila. (LOL like that’s news.)
La Cava Patron (At Disney Again)

Recently, I got to thinking about how much my WDW style has changed over the past two years. Because my WDW style is changing again. I didn’t renew my Annual Pass this year. And I don’t have an upcoming WDW trip on the books for the first time literally in years. That made me a little reflective about how my traditions–along with everything else in my life–have changed.

Here are three new things I find myself doing each and every time I roll into Orlando:

1. Yak & Yeti. Ironically, this is another place where I don’t totally love the food. I don’t even really like the drinks here–they’re mostly too sweet. But I do love the Fried Wonton Dessert, the air conditioning and the decor. And how we never have to wait for a table because Dan has a Landry’s card. So whenever we’re in Animal Kingdom at a mealtime, we eat at Yak & Yeti.

2. I still haven’t, to the best of my memory, gone around on Prince Charming Regal Carousel. Every time Dan and I talk about our Magic Kingdom plans, it’s on the to-do list, and every time … it falls off. It’s become a tradition to talk about Prince Charming Regal Carousel … and then do nothing to act on it.

MagicBands (Mouse on the Mind)
3. Magic Bands! Before every trip (well, before every hotel stay), Dan and I have the super most fun coming up with matching, themed band names. They have ranged from the unimaginative (Mr and Mrs) to the fun (Charlotte and Louis for a stay at Port Orleans French Quarter). Even better is our new tradition of changing our Magic Bands … wait: Let me allow Dan tell you this one:


If I didn’t know better, I’d think he was making fun of me … but he does it, too!

So that’s how my trips over the past few months have shaped up. These are great traditions. And they probably won’t change too much going forward, even without my trusty Annual Pass in my back pocket. But here’s to making lots more great memories and re-dos and trip traditions over the next few years, even as my life continues to flux.

What are your traditions? Let us know in the comments below!