Never Has He Ever: Hercules

Hercules Bluray ComboRecently, Estelle from This Happy Place Blog and I were chatting when we realized that neither of our beaus had seen Hercules. Can you believe it?!

In honor of our love for the movie, which is being released today for the first time ever on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy, we immediately conspired to get our men to sit down and watch the film … then turned it into entertainment for you!

I, for one, am a big fan of Disney’s take on Herc. It’s not at all like any of the other Disney renaissance films, but that’s sort of why I love it. It’s absolutely beautiful, and I totally dig the odd shapes and angles of the characters. And the humor! It’s so perfectly of 1997.

Anyway, I asked my own Turk-ules what he thought of the film, and here’s his mini-review. (I feel like I should say: Dan seriously couldn’t get over the size of Hercules’ feet … he mentioned it no less than three times during the film, although he doesn’t mention it below.)

I love the interstitials—that it’s a musical without being annoying or breaking into the plot—and when they break the fourth wall. I wish it had been promoted as heavily as the other films from that time period because it’s really fantastic: Good story. Some real history (kind of). It came out when I was in high school, but I don’t even remember a damn thing about it. Nothing.

Once I extracted a review, I peppered him with questions:

Favorite Hades line? The scene where his hair comes off toward the end. That was such a throwaway scene. There was no reason to spend animation dollars on that, but it’s so hilarious. Or when he says “Game. Set. Match.” And then his finger turns into a match.

What mythical creature would Zeus make from the clouds to be your companion? He’d make me Slimer from the Ghostbusters.

In the Disney yearbook, what would Phil’s superlative be? Most persevering.

What about Megra’s? Surprisingly loyal.

Which song is better: Go The Distance or Won’t Say I’m In Love? Go The Distance. It’s got a better feel to it. Anyone can identify with it, and it doesn’t make me feel like I need to have another person to feel fulfilled.

Funniest clumsy Hercules moment? When he knocked down that whole market. That was amazing.

Why is this movie so underrated? I just think it wasn’t promoted. Disney must not have poured the marketing dollars into it. It seems like it came down the pike after the company had already shifted its focus to 3D animation, almost like it was an afterthought.

Who is more handsome: Michael Bolton or Hercules? Hercules. (Because Michael Bolton is Canadian.)

Which character is most like your partner (ie, Melissa)? Hercules’ adopted mother. She is very motherly and loving and has a way of taking in strays and making them feel at home.

Would you like to see HERCULES in a show, attraction or restaurant? Yes. I’d like to see a whole Hercules Land. Maybe an Ancient Greece Pavilion.

What part of the movie would you most like to photograph (if you were “on set”)? When they flew through Thebes the first time. Yea. I’d want to photograph the Big Olive.

So there you have it. Never had Dan ever seen Hercules. But now he totally loves it! If you’ve never seen it, you need to give it a chance. And if you have … well then you know how amazing it is. So pick up your copy today! And then make sure you head over to This Happy Place Blog to find out what James thought of the dude who put the “Glad” in Gladiator!

So … what’s YOUR favorite Hades line? Let us know in the comments below. 

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