Nerdsday News: Spotlight on Pixar

I read a lot of crap on the Internet. Like my RSS reader sometimes calls me to complain about overloading it with URLs. It’s a lot.

And I always keep my eyes open for cute Disney-related items. And I click them and read them and save them … and never really do much with them. But that’s about to change with the new Nerdsday News, where I’ll share some awesome stuff from outside of the Disney community.

This week, Pixar news!

Pixar News

Buzzfeed: “The Walking Dead” and “Toy Story” Have the Same Plot (link)

This is actually uncanny. When I first saw the headline, I was like, “oh, haha. Funny.” But as I read through it, it actually kind of blew my mind. Like, boom! No more brains in my head. There are lots of images and not too much text, so you can take a quick look without spending too much time or brain cells. (Which is good because you won’t have too many for too long.)

Gizmodo: Pixar’s Animation Army (link)

We’ve all heard the truly awesome story about how Pixar animators create at least one new piece of technology for each film.  Gizmodo dug a little deeper for this story, going into great detail about how the writers, artists and animators worked together to bring Monsters University to life for the upcoming film. Very cool.

The Mary Sue: Brave Cosplay (link)

You guys know I love a good cosplay, and when I saw this one, I totally lost it! A super cool, super awesome mom made costumes for herself and her triplet sons so that they could go to Disneyland dressed as Merida and her brothers. Because awesome cosplay is awesome. And the Mary Sue thinks so, too.

i09: Monsters U is the Revenge of the Nerds Remake We Dreamed Of (link)

Who doesn’t love Revenge of the Nerds?! The guys at i09 swear that Monsters U is totally a G-rated  remake, but they seem kind of ambivalent about the actual quality of the film. But let’s be honest: it doesn’t matter whether i09 loves Monsters U or hates it or whatever … shut up and take our money, Disney! TAKE IT! We just came to see the monsters play beer pong.

The Mary Sue: Jessie’s Short (link)

Truth be told, I’m not a super huge Jessie fan (her aw, shucks attitude gives me a toothache), but I love that a female character is getting a bit of love in the upcoming Halloween Toy Story short. And I even more love that there’s going to be a Halloween Toy Story short. And most of all, I love the info The Mary Sue shared.

Read any good Disney news lately? Share it in the comments below!