Saturday Something: Nerd Wallet Indie

Nerd Wallet Estelle from This Happy Place Blog needs to get her credit card ready because I’ve discovered something new, and I can’t wait to share it with you! It’s called Nerd Wallet Indie, so right off the bat, you can see that it’s right up my alley. And yours, too, I suspect …

Nerd Wallet Indie promotes the work of small businesses (like Etsy sellers) by showing off their work along with valuable coupon codes. By simply logging on and clicking on your category of interest, you get to browse more than 5,000 small businesses that offer the kinds of things you’re looking for.

When you find something you like, use the coupon code featured on Nerd Wallet Indie, and you can save anywhere from 5% to 30%. The best part? You are a holiday hero for selecting a unique and totally personalized gift for the little elf on your shopping list!

Here are some of the awesome things I found on Nerd Wallet Indie this week: 

The Head Said Etsy Shop (Mouse on the Mind)The Head Said
You have a head, and chances are it’s starting to get pretty cold. Why not warm it up in style with one of these absolutely amazing handmade crocheted winter hats? Each is made to order and comes in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. Above, we have Perry the Platypus, Mickey Mouse, a Toy Story alien and Eve … and there’s plenty more where that came from! Right now, The Head Said is offering 11% off everything! Visit Nerd Wallet Indie for the coupon code.


The House of Mouse Etsy Shop (Mouse on the Mind)
The House of Mouse
As Disney fans, we are predisposed to liking mice. Especially big, friendly ones that wear funny outfits. Which is why I am pretty sure that everyone is going to love these hand-sewn decorative felt mice—the perfect gift for any of the nerds in your life. Here, we have Yoda, Indiana Jones, Alice in Wonderland and a Wookie. Too cute! Right now, The House of Mouse is offering 15% off everything in the store. Visit Nerd Wallet Indie for a coupon code.


Geek and Gamer Stuff Etsy Shop (Mouse on the Mind) Geek and Gamer Stuff
In addition to unique items inspired by Skyrim and Portlandia, Star Wars fans will find a little bit of extra love here in this unique Etsy shop! Baby Leia is absolutely precious for newly born baby nerds, and these wickedly humorous rings (quoting Han and Leia) are the perfect gift for the nerdy couple in your life. And no one has to go near the carbonite! Right now, the shop is running two specials: 10% off items as well as free shipping on Baby Leia’s cap. Visit Nerd Wallet Indie for the coupon codes.

Are you still in Santa-mode? Tell us who you’re shopping for and what you hope to buy them. And happy shopping!! 

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