Mouse Tech: Nemo’s Reef App

One of my favorite rides in Epcot is The Seas with Nemo and Friends, so when I found out Disney Interactive was providing us with an opportunity to digitally drop in on Marlin and Nemo after the events of their epic movie, I was really excited! So I downloaded the Nemo’s Reef App onto my iPhone, and here’s what I found …

Nemo's Reef App

iTunes Product Description

Dive in and join Nemo on his latest adventure. Build a beautiful reef and make a home for your favorite Finding Nemo characters.

Nemo and his dad, Marlin, set out to build the coolest reef in his class. Help Nemo create a best-in-class underwater retreat and discover the secrets to building a permanent home for his friends!

My Impressions
I should start this review by telling you that I hate Facebook games that have a built-in frustration bar. I don’t want to help you farm or build your Villes, dig through your Mystery Manor or play any of the other cooperative strategy games that come loaded with in-game hacks that force me to give my money over to the company. If you enjoy that sort of game, then feel free to disregard this review.

I really wanted to like Nemo’s Reef, but I just can’t recommend it. Firstly, its attempts at providing educational content are shallow and, worst of all, boring. Secondly, while the game is easy to learn and the interface is intuitive, it isn’t any fun.

Basically, you farm resources from plants and corals to build other plants and corals. These new plants and corals attract different species of fish, which spawn more resources and allow you to continue to beautify your little reef. The only challenge is to your patience.

Nemo's Reef App
Help Nemo build a great reef

Yes, it’s free. But it won’t be for long. If you make any kind of personal or emotional investment in the game, you’ll soon be frustrated by the slow pace of resource gathering, and you’ll realize that you can actually pay to make things grow faster! All of this is just smashing because Nemo’s target audience is so well known both for patience and fiscal responsibility (remember the $1,400 smurfberry incident?).

As it’s a time and money suck with little payback, I’m just going to go ahead and say stay away from this one. You should, too.


App Name: Nemo’s Reef  (iTunes)
Developer: Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications
Version: v1.2.1
Size: 36.4 MB
Available on: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (requires iOS 4.3 or later)
Price: Free
Overall: Not worth your time or the extra money you’ll sink into it.

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