Finding Omegas

Today, we’re experiencing what happens when my two worlds collide. (Spoiler alert: it’s sort of delicious.)

To explain: You all know me as a (fairly) mild-mannered Disney blogger. And while keeping MotM going does take up a good portion of my time (and vacation budget), in my 9-to-5 life, I write about health and nutrition for a national women’s magazine*.

The collision happened when I got an e-mail from the fine folks at Nature Smart, wondering if my magazine might want to give their new Disney Pixar Finding Nemo Omega-3 Gummies a taste. And while we don’t cover products for kids at the magazine, “we” sure do at Mouse on the Mind!

So I added this super fun bottle to the line up of much-less fun vitamin and supplement bottles on my bedside table and I … waited. Because here’s the thing: Although I write about health and nutrition, and I am very well versed in the benefits of omega-3s … ugh … I hate taking omega-3 pills. Because they always–absolutely without fail–taste like fish.

But when I finally opened the cap on the most adorable supplement ever, I was happily surprised: Not only are these fruit snack-esque gummies adorable, but they’re also delish! Not a fishy smell or taste in sight. I was relieved but also a bit dubious. There’s a small amount of added sugar (3g for 2 gummies) in the mix, which I normally don’t like to see in my supplements. But yummy, kid-friendly omega-3s are so hard to find that I decided to roll with it.

So, now that you know you (or your kids) will enjoy these cutie pies, let’s get to the why: first of all, omega-3 fatty acids help keep cell membranes permeable to essential hormones, like mood-boosting serotonin. So if you have downturned fins and a give-up attitude like Marlin, this is the supplement for you!

But if chasing away the blues isn’t on your to-do list, maybe you’re more like Dory. Can’t remember where you left your car keys? Feeling a little forgetful? Luckily, omega-3s also up brain function as well as your problem-solving and decision-making skills!

And with summer coming up, now may actually be the best time to jump on the Nemo-downing bandwagon. Not only do omega-3 fatty acids reduce redness and inflammation caused by damaging UV rays, but they also ease joint pains that can totally wreck your fun in the sun.

At about $9 for 90 gummies, this is a simple and inexpensive way to add a little fun to an otherwise humdrum evening ritual. And you for sure know your kids will love them. Personally, since starting the gummies last month, I’ve been enjoying two fruity swimmers right before bed every evening because research suggests that omega-3 fatty acids reduce levels of sleep-sapping cortisol. And unlike Sleeping Beauty, I can use all the sleep-easy help I can get!


Disclosure: I received these supplements free of charge. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my own experience.

*Note: Yes, this is a change: I worked in marketing at a small liberal arts college until October 2012, and I wrote about consumer technology for a few months before settling into my current position in February 2013.

Another Note: Thanks to my beau, Dan from At Disney Again, who took photos of the gummies and packaging at a most appropriate venue (Disney’s Old Key West resort).

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