My Lucky Owl

I’m what you might call … anxious?

Okay. I’m really, really, super, duper anxious. Like, all the time. About everything. I’m getting better, but it’s always going to be a work in progress.

One piece of that progress? This awesome, adorable owl:

Mitsukoshi Owl Epcot Japan

I spied this cutie in the Mitsukoshi Department Store in the Japan Pavilion at EPCOT, and I originally bought him for my mother. She loves owls. And her favorite color is blue. It seemed like the perfect little “thinking of you” gift.

But he spoke to me, and I ended up keeping him. I love feeling him in my pocket, and he’s become a great reminder that everything is going to be alright. He became a little piece of calm that I could carry with me whenever I need some reassurance.

So you can imagine my surprise when, on a later trip to Mitsukoshi, I found this handy little chart, outlining the meaning of the many different little figurines sold in the store. I guess I hadn’t noticed it the first time?

Mitsukoshi Owl Epcot Japan

He’s a lucky little fellow, and he keeps me calm and relaxed! How perfectly perfect? So perfectly perfect that I almost picked one up for my mother. (Because we can safely say that anxiety is passed down like a curse from mother to daughter in my family.) But I realized (as I should have from the start) that this isn’t really the kind of thing that would appeal to my mom.

So. My lucky little owl is not only a souvenir and reminder of my happy place … it also takes me to a happy place when it seems like things are spinning out of control.

Do you have a favorite souvenir? Or a Disney-thing that gets you through rough times? Tell us about it in the comments below! 

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