Musical Monday: Word Mash

Back with some more music for you … Today’s mashups are brought to us by Karl Hughes, a music producer in the United Kingdom. Unlike some of the other stuff we’ve looked at lately, his arrangements are driven less by sounds and phrases and more by actual recognizable quotes from the inspiration film.

Jungle Book Mix

This is kind of the most fun thing ever, no? I mean, I guess you have to consider the source material, and The Jungle Book, as we all know, has some of the most truly joyous music in any Disney movie ever. The flow feels almost entirely predictable—I know where it’s going before it gets there—but it’s sort of delightful in its simplicity and safe exuberance.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol Winter Remix

What? Who remixes Disney’s version of A Christmas Carol?? This guy. And thanks be to Jiminy that he did! It’s so flippin catchy. And I appreciate that it ends on a somber note—it’s so much darker than you’d think it should be. Two duck wings up!

Aladdin Remix

I’m sort of in love with this because it feels less like a single song and more like a series of movements that marry together perfectly to tell the story of the first half of the film. It’s also got a really great sense of humor, which I always welcome. The video on this one uses some really unexpected moments from the ‘toon that make total sense and sparked some fun memories for me.

What Disney film would you like to see get a Karl Hughes verbal music makeover? Let us know in the comments.

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