Musical Monday: One Man Show

Last week, we checked out an amazing one-woman show, lovingly put together by the extremely talented Heather Traska. This week, I bring you Rhett Roberts, who’s sort of a one-man Disney show. Check him out:

Clearly, I am currently obsessed with these multi-track, self-produced fan medleys lately. And if you don’t like it, you can pretty much suck it. Because I declare that they’re just amazing. In this case, it took Rhett five months to put this video together, from brainstorming to recording to editing. FIVE MONTHS! In five months … I’ve done pretty much nothing of note. (At least nothing positive.)

Not only is the music amazing, but it really showcases Rhett’s formidable range–which is made even more impressive by the richness of his voice in every one of those octaves. AND there’s beat boxing!! I think it’s a rule that all girls swoon over beat boxing. And Flynn Rider impersonations. And completely out-of-this-world Gaston impressions. And guys who are like, “I’m such a secure dude that I am going to do the girl parts–and better than a lot of girls could.”


If you’re picking up with Rhett is dropping as hard as I am, head over to his website, where he shares his videos as well as Barber Shop learning tracks for those who want to be as bad ass as him.

Do you have a favorite multi-track Disney performance? Share below!

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